Questions & answers

At the Forbes Library talk, audience members were invited to ask questions of the panelists. Some of the questions and answers included:

Q: Is it possible to get a rash that doesn’t do the bulls-eye thing?

Brummer: There are a wide variety of rashes, or none at all. A speckly rash is common.

Q: What does longterm antibiotic therapy do to the body?

Brummer: I tried to minimize the use of antibiotics before treating Lyme. I looked up herb protocols. I just didn’t find them successful enough. I look forward to the day we don’t have to use antibiotics to treat Lyme but, honestly, I think it’s the only thing that works well.

Q: Why does the IDS say they can’t reproduce positive results of antibiotic treatment for chronic Lyme?

Brummer: I read their studies and they seem like good studies. It’s just that my experience says otherwise.

Q: Is there a vaccine for Lyme?

Brummer: Wouldn’t that be nice?

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