Voice of Audubon: May 2

Here are this week’s bird sightings from the Voice of Audubon for western Massachusetts.

The list of newly arriving songbirds is very long. It includes crested flycatchers, warbling vireos, wood thrushes, catbirds, 10 species of warblers, rose-breasted grosbeaks, scarlet tanagers, Baltimore orioles and bobolinks.

Other notable species reported were common loons, pied-billed grebes, American bitterns, green herons, black vultures, northern harriers, Virginia rails, upland sandpipers, Wilson’s snipe, whip-poor-wills, rusty blackbirds and eastern meadowlarks.

A mountain bluebird was discovered on Sunday at the Field Farm reservation on Sloan Road in Williamstown. It continues to be seen on the North Trail in the northwest corner of the second field.

The glossy ibis in Amherst were last seen on Thursday.

Common gallinules have returned to the marsh at Post Farm in Lenox.

On Saturday, a white -eyed vireo was seen in the Bartlett Street marsh in Northampton.

Two blue-winged teal were reported in Longmeadow, where a greater yellowlegs was also found.

A greater yellowlegs was also seen in Sheffield.

Two vesper sparrows were found in Hadley.

Trudy Tynan, a member of the Hampshire Bird Club and a retired reporter for The Associated Press, edits the sightings that are compiled by Seth Kellogg of Southwick. For more information www. hampshirebirdclub.org. Call (781) 259-8805 for state bird sightings. To record sightings, call (781) 259-8805
Ext. 2 and wait for the end of the tape. It is a long-distance call.

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