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'Funny, Sadness," a poem by Lisa Limont

Funny, Sadness

Funny, sadness

was always there and therefore unremarkable.

In those years we laughed and sang

as we walked to the brook:

There’s a hole in the bucket, there’s a hole

in the bottom of the sea. Remember when you could walk?

We played with your removable casts, timed

each other from banister to bathroom door:

strapped in we hobbled, and back then

you were faster. We pushed off from the top

of Maple Street, me on the back of

your chair. Frame shaking, we flew down the wind.

Later we became engineers of minutiae:

raised tables, rolled up rugs, padded edges,

fitted grab bars, ramped entryways.

We shunned enemy territory: stairs, and

cities without curb cuts, elevators, or

warm dry weather.

Now that you are gone all that bracing against

works against me. I stumble and fall in thin air.

My heart is the sea and it is full of holes

our unsung sadness gushing in.

— Lisa Limont


‘Funny, sadness’

Friday, February 21, 2014

When Lisa Limont was a kid growing up near the sea in Scituate, she and her four siblings played ball on their big lawn or horsed around with their dad, who Limont described as “a really fun guy.” Her parents had five kids within five years: two boys and three girls. “A tribe,” Limont said. “We were very much in … 0

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