Letter: A continuing frustration

The holidays are upon us and once again we are still without a department store. Many residents have balanced their shopping trips out of the city, along with Main Street shopping. Others have become shrewd online shoppers and found their UPS driver has become part of the family. I applaud those who can find everything they need without leaving the county, but do not judge those who need and want more options.

One day, people will make up their minds. In one breath, we are told we do not need a big box store, thus meaning few interested customers. In the next breath, there are scary numbers on how much traffic we will have to contend with. What kind of small city would want consumers driving through all hours of the day and early evening?

Whenever you hear that people would be happier with a smaller footprint, know that it was reduced. Still the argument was that we did not need the store. When it was nearing the final approval stage, the demands for another reduction in size were made. It would have been more productive and exciting for all if we were able to discuss one medium size building along with two to three smaller stores.

As usual, one voice bellowed over the others and left us with no bargaining options. That same selfish and demanding dialogue was recently heard at the Town Council meetings while discussing possible volunteer Planning Board members.

I want to challenge this newspaper. When you hear about any movement on the pending court case, interview random people on the street or the actual abutters who still live here. Granted, I do not sell books through a corporation who doesn’t treat their employees well, like Amazon, but I still feel driven to speak on behalf of some of our local residents. However, the community voice is much bigger than mine. There is a whole community right outside your building in coffee shops, meetings, restaurants, businesses or simply walking downtown. We are not Amazon. We are not buying or selling stories. We simply want the construction to begin.



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