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Letter: Greenfield’s mess

I just read Chris Collins’ column (Oct. 11) along with a letter from a local landlord. Reading both back to back have compelled me to write this letter.

Greenfield: poverty; unemployment; drug and alcohol abuse/addiction; crime/ vandalism.

Greenfield: too few recovery services; too few affordable organized recreational opportunities for teens and adults.

Greenfield: too many empty store fronts; an increasing amount of second hand/consignment shops and “dollar” stores.

Greenfield: lack of inclusiveness; lack of (not enough) acknowledgement or conversation of class, ethnicity and cultural divisions (ESPECIALLY CLASS!)

Greenfield: decay and neglect of buildings and properties by owners (INCLUDING THE TOWN!)

Hey, Al Norman! Bill Martin! City Council! Greening Greenfield Committee! Anyone with power and influence! And the rest of us! Let’s open our eyes, hearts and minds and start thinking outside the “Box.”

The mayor acts like a bullying parent. The city council acts like rebellious adolescents (when not allowing themselves to be bullied). How about EVERYBODY start acting like adults?

Let’s stop all the divisiveness and take a hard look at the level of economic and social decay in this town that we all care about.

Please, stop pointing fingers and blaming — “you,” “them,” “those people.” We are all to blame. We are all responsible. We are all victims AND perpetrators. It will take all of us to find a solution.

I’m begging the leaders of this town to stop this stuff! Show us the way toward some real solutions. Show us how working toward a common goal can create positive change. SET AN EXAMPLE!

And to The Recorder: Step it up in the reporting department.

And PLEASE work on your accuracy!



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