Letter: Taking away my rights

The recent gun buyback is being touted as a success. I would like to know who the success was for?

Now we are being led to believe it helps stop future crime and suicide. Future? According to some misinformed people, firearms WILL lead to crime. If that’s the case, we probably should start eliminating everything else that can cause harm “just in case.”

Yes, it was a tragic loss to the woman who lost her son but would it have been any less tragic if it were an overdose or some other form of suicide?

It is no longer about amnesty for illegally owned firearms to be turned in. Instead, it has turned out to be the elimination of all firearms that is being pushed.

A certain group of people have given up on the lies and are now outright stating that they want all private firearms out of homes and gone.

No more beating around the bush. Remember how it was Mayors Against Illegal Guns? Now it’s about ANY guns. The problem is there is a much more dangerous weapon out there and it’s called the human mind. It will always find a way to wreak havoc if so desired no matter what tool is at hand.

To blame the object is just misguided grief and ignorance. I for one am tired of feeling like I have to hide what is MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be a firearm owner. I’m tired of hearing of how they don’t want to take our hunting firearms from us. It has NOTHING to do with hunting, it is a right to own firearms. I go through a background check every few years and pay a fee for what is MY RIGHT. Can you tell me what other constitutional right requires a background check and charges a fee? For those of you who consider turning in unwanted firearms, call a gunsmith and they can direct you to a proper dealer that will give you a FAIR amount on what your firearm is worth. I think you will find it is much more than what amounts to a tank of gas or a simple gift card.

The only success programs like these have are to undermine the Second Amendment and nothing else.



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