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Letter: Colrain Road speeding

If you have ever driven down Colrain Road doing the speed limit (30 to 35 MPH) you have cars right on your bumper trying to get you to go faster. Usually cars, trailer trucks, dump trucks and service vehicles are going double or triple the speed limit. I called to complain; I usually call the Police Department once or twice a week. The dispatcher always says we will let the officers know, but nobody ever comes down to slow the traffic down, they might ride by, but not stopping anyone. I have called the mayor’s office; finally he called me back saying (first they don’t have a officer to spare), (And I asked for an hour a day maybe around 5 to 6 p.m. and then he said the town is going to put a roundabout by GCC. I don’t see how that’s going to slow down traffic in the thickly settled area. The cars will come off that roundabout like a jet. They come off Plain Road or Colrain Road up north where there’s no houses, and by the time they hit Harper’s they’re really moving, but they don’t slow down when they hit the thickly settled area … Trying to get out of Harper’s store, Butynski’s vegetable stand is a real challenge; some day someone is not going to make it. My neighbor said she is thinking of planting big trees in front of her house, so they will hit them before they hit her house..

But Colrain Road isn’t the only speeding area. If you go down Silver Street, Federal Street, High Street or Main Street they do the same thing. I guess the town doesn’t get any of the money for catching speeders (and it would be a lot).

On a Sunday at 7 p.m., I counted 42 cars in 10 minutes really moving down Colrain Road. I don’t know where everyone is going in such a rush.

All of us are going to come to the same end. Take some time and smell the roses before it’s too late ... and you’re six feet under.



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