Letter: Brain matters

The Mayan genocide, the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem “witch” trials are all examples of man subconsciously arrested in the left brain frontal cortex, which always results in cultural outbreaks of algolagnia or sadomasochism, resulting from the loss of man’s right brain ability to realize his frontal cortical reasoning back to subjective emotional insight or actual living consciousness.

The syndrome always revolves around “not enough.” The Mayans demanded more sacrifices, the Inquisition more papal obedience, and the “witch” trials more punishment of the local women.

In the 21st century, as algolagnia winds itself up to repeat yet again, what is there “not enough” of this time?

Ostensibly, money, or “numbers.”

When a culture is entirely imprisoned within the cortex, or the brain’s abstract faculty, it’s last remaining value must be abstract value, or numbers, or the value of the cortical abstraction of the subjective right brain realization that the cortex is “numb,” or not receiving sufficient “income,” or incoming circulation, from the right brain hemisphere.

Western culture and its false version of “science” failed to understand that reason, or abstraction, is emotionally symbolic, not factual. Reason must be realized back to right brain subjective insight for man to gain consciousness, which our Western abstract “science” never did, and which is why it cannot be trusted.

It is not that history repeats itself, only that man’s frontal cortex periodically “defaults in its bonds” with his “right mind,” or right brain hemisphere, and so man loses himself in the frontal cortical abstraction, and therefore obstruction, of his own feelings and so must find a “whipping boy” to vent the enraged feelings of the “weeping boy” within him, who vainly attempted to live entirely “inside numbers,” or his cortically “numbed insight.”



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