Letter: Parade spoils

Call me a spoil sport, a curmudgeon, an old grouch, whatever you please, because that is the way I feel at the moment. I love the Shelburne Falls’ Fourth of July parade, possibly the smallest in this county, but I never fail to miss it. It’s a wonderful representation of what a parade should be. Veterans, musicians, horses, cub scouts, and cars of all makes and models, which the owners should surely be proud of. And the ingenious floats, created by families and friends, for us the townspeople to enjoy. Many neighboring firefighters come to join in, along with various other groups I have failed to mention. It brings a tear to my eye every time, to see our community gathering together in this way to celebrate. So, what is the thorn in my side that starts to get under my skin a little more each year? Candy, the throwing of candy. When did this event enter into our parades? All the children seem focused on gathering the strewn candy instead of what was passing them by. The overweight child standing next to me today, a big bag grasped in his hand, was calling out to everyone to get their attention, and was well rewarded. So, is this really a plus? Isn’t it enough to show our appreciation and just focus on what our friends and neighbors have created for us with their precious time? And kids just enjoying all the festive variety that is passing them by? And maybe realizing someone they know is marching along, too? Now there’s a new concept …

Thanks for letting me vent. Now I can return outside to enjoy the beautiful summer day Nature has given us to celebrate this Fourth of July with family and friends.



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