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Letter: My ‘turbine’ experience

My name is Irving Mullette and I live in the Town of Florida; our property is approximately 2,000 feet from some of the industrial turbines in Monroe.

During the winter, without the leaves on the trees, we see seven of the windmills through our kitchen window — right now, we see two, unless we go outside. I also pastor the Rowe Community Church and a parishioner gave me the article in your paper which talked about Monroe’s “windfall” from the wind farm. Let me briefly mention the other side of the story.

Sunday morning we woke up and it was a beautiful day; we got ready for church and sat down at our kitchen table to eat breakfast and all of a sudden we knew we couldn’t eat at the table. Why? Because, when the mornings are clear and the turbines are heading the right way and the sun is at the right position, it begins to “blink” (strobe effect) as the blades turn. What happens is that it begins to affect us and we experience nausea if we stay in the room. This was at 6:45 a.m. on a beautiful Sunday morning. If we had still been in bed, as is the case some mornings, we have the same experience even with the shades down and curtains drawn — this blinking or strobe effect comes through and can be really disorienting! The noise level has not been as loud with the leaves on the trees yet it is always there and often produces headaches in both my wife and myself; sometimes at night we wonder, “Why are we awake? ­— it’s the noise from the wind turbines. At other times at night, when the blades are positioned a certain way, the red beacons create a reflection off the blades as they run and an explosion of red light travels up the 125-foot blade as it turns.

I hope that Monroe and also Florida realize that they may be getting some money, but others are paying the price every day for their “windfall”! These industrial turbines should NOT be placed anywhere near where people live; I don’t know what the “safe” distance is, but I do know they are all too close to us and our neighbors.



As a neighbor of Hoosac Wind in Clarksburg I can say the project makes for a terrible neighbors. Some nights I wake up with my heart pounding and a cold sweat as if I'd been dreaming about some evil trying to get me, only to realize I wasn't dreaming. Other nights the noise of the turbines wakes me up from a deep sleep and I can't get back to sleep. When this happens several nights in a row it really takes a toll in various ways. It use to be mostly quiet here with any sounds of civilization usually ending after a few minutes. Not so with the turbines and at times sounds like a jet plane continuously circling overhead, and other times like a dryer with something heavy tumbling in it. We chose this place in part for the rural character and peace and quite. Too bad Iberdrola was allowed to wreck the mountain for some cash, The grid gets an insignificant amount of electricity that must be backed up by fossil fueled plants, so folks can feel like the World is better for it without changing their wasteful ways. I've been called and NIMBY, but actually we are IMBY's as they are in my back yard and I can say from experience industrial wind projects make terrible neighbors.

My home of over 30 years is in Falmouth, Mass. Unfortunately for my family and myself we live within 1558 and 1662 feet of Falmouth’s municipal two turbine contribution to a three turbine wind farm. The third turbine is a V-82 Vestas 1.65MWatt machine as are both of Falmouth’s. Much of Falmouth’s progression into wind power was addressed by Falmouth’s Energy Committee (I should put their names here) who hoodwinked we abutters into believing that one 660 kWatt unit would be sited here. They even took us to see, hear, and experience the 660kWatt facility in Hull, MA. We heard silence. But the minute Falmouth’s first turbine, 1.65MWatt Wind I, went into operation in March of 2010 (we are the old-timers) many of us knew that this is not what we had experienced on the Hull tour. In the ensuing three years plus I have learned NOT TO TRUST the speakers of Big Wind nor the local and state officials, local boards of health, nor the MASS State DEP and DoH on any level. Their’s is a politically motivated unscientific support of the energy policy of Governor Patrick. The problem is there is NO BALANCE in this state. Massachusetts is in dire need of more Republicans. I caution all of you to take special heed against a most probable unsatisfactory turbine experience in your town Sincerely, Barry Funfar bfunUSA@yahoo.com 508 294-2375

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