Letter: Transportation support

In this day of financial austerity, it was nice to see The Recorder addressing the issue of public transportation. The benefits of bus service should be obvious to everyone. This is being addressed right now by the Massachusetts State legislators. Other towns and cities have active coalitions working to get their regional transportation agencies the funds they need.

I would like to see the same people who pushed for the Intermodal Transportation center to speak up so we may get our share of the new transportation budget being proposed.

Please save the environment and help the working with median incomes. By doing so, you may help yourself. Now is the time to act!

Please support FRTA and public transportation in Franklin County by writing or calling your state reps.

Sign our online petition: http:llsignon.org/sign/more-frta-bus-routes.

Like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Transportation-Justice-for-Franklin-County-Mass/419413528147261.



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