Mosher/My Turn: Seeing behind the tricks

Earlier this month, there was an interesting “My Turn” piece by my guy, Mr. X. He’s crying foul on the Greenfield Planning Board. Mr. X says that the abutters to the Mackin property never had opportunity to “cross examine” the developers. Mr. X says that the board shut the abutters out. Mr. X says that there should have re-direction, re-cross examination and rebuttals.

I could not agree with him more and I sympathize with the abutters. Say what!?

Pause for a moment — has anyone ever seen a good illusionist in action? Every trick is different, and every trick is the same. While you look at all the exciting action, your attention is diverted away from the real trick.

My first paragraph outlined the action (diversion), now here’s the real trick. Mr. X stood before the Planning Board and, as when anyone addresses the board, stated his name, address, and affiliation. “My name is Albert Norman, ... XYZ Street in Greenfield, and (wait for it …) I represent the abutters to the property located at blah, blah, blah …” And the enthralled abutters watched as the illusionist worked his “magic.” But wait, the audience wasn’t fooled.

Truth be told, the re-direction, re-cross examination and rebuttals should have come from the abutters … when they chose Mr. X as “their representative.” Therein lies my sympathy for them. Oh, he had slide shows, and mountains of documentation, and letters, and interruptions and on and on. But his magic turned out to be a hoax, an illusion. Instead of pulling a rabbit out of his hat, he wound up with egg on his face.

So it’s not the abutters who are suffering the current offense, it’s Mr. X. The Super Box Buster himself came away with a loss in his “hometown.”

Now he’s on another recruiting drive (can I get another volunteer from the audience please?) crying foul about the local officials and committees (whom he once dubbed the biggest pain in his posterior). He doesn’t like the way things are run when he doesn’t get his way, so he now claims to be an expert in town government and the open meeting laws of the commonwealth (abracadabra …).

OK, the long and short of it is this: I doubt this is the way Mr. X wanted things to go, but I also doubt that he’ll lose. When people grow weary of his antics they will become apathetic. He’ll wear everyone down, create more stalling and delays, and they’ll lose interest. It’s part of his tactics. Check it out in his books, (I’m not sure why they carry them at the Big Box Bookstores, but I’m sure he’d never accept the profits from them) but buy them local.

Timothy Mosher is a Greenfield resident.

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