Letter: Pleased with preschool

My husband and I both work full time and because of this we need child care. This past September, our son was just old enough to be enrolled in the YMCA’s Full Day Preschool. I knew he was going to be the youngest at the school and I did have my reservations, like all mothers do, about sending their first child to school. The Y’s Preschool has early care, which allows me to drop him off early so I can get to work on time and late care if I ever have to work overtime. Every day he is excited to go to school, he comes home happy and loves to tell me all about his day. Once a week during the school day, he gets a swimming lesson! It is so great that they are teaching him how to swim and to be respectful in the water. He also has a gymnastics lesson each week (his favorite!) and gets to run around and play. The school has theme days that keep him entertained and crafts that I would have never thought about doing with him. The difference I have seen in my child in just a few months is tenfold — from his gross motor skills to his vocabulary to even potty training! The teachers are great and engaging. If I ever have a question or concern, all I have to do is bring it up and they are forthright with answers. It is a pleasure to be part of the Y Preschool! I encourage all parents of preschoolers to stop down and visit the school.


Greenfield YMCA member and preschool parent

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