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Letter: The message

I have been wondering when the perpetrators of the bombing in Boston were going to claim what they did and tell us why they did it. Usually they are trying to send a message of some kind.

I have news for them. They did send a message loud and clear. When you harm the American people, those who are there will rush in to help even though they don’t know the people or have the training. They will do whatever they can do if it means only holding someone’s hand to give them solace. And others will come rushing to give what help they can also. Those who couldn’t go back to their hotels were offered housing by people who lived in the city. Others offered transportation. Any way the American people can help, they will. But then our people do that no matter where the tragedy happens, as they did in Haiti and the east coast and all other tragedies.

Your message is loud and clear. Hurt us, we react by rushing in to help those who have been hurt. The USA is a country of caring and giving people. We will respond to help our fellow man no matter where they are.

That probably isn’t the message you intended to send but why people had to die, lose limbs and suffer severe injuries so you could punish Americans or their visitors from other countries to prove whatever point you were trying to prove, doesn’t make sense to me.



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