Letter: A dishonest game

The NFL is experiencing unprecedented levels of fan adulation and associated revenue, while the league’s integrity and credibility has settled into a queasy miasma of contradictions, hypocrisies and collusive acts that are skillfully blended by the diametrically opposed hierarchies of the league office and the Players Association until the tainted, performance-enhanced product is just palatable enough to serve up to millions of voracious customers.

The NFL’s champion team was led by a player who will forever be associated with obstruction in a double-murder charge and this year used illegal supplements to rehab an injury in one-third the usual time necessary. The PEDs are illegal but the league has no test for them.

The weeks of ineptitude and farce that was replacement officials completely reshaped the season’s course for many teams. The Emerald City-type relationship between the NFL and Las Vegas is impossible to deny. Just continue to pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.

The games entertain for sure, but the authenticity of the commissioner’s “Shield” is tarnished and abused by each incident of head injury, bounty, suicide, homicide, DWI-related manslaughter and violation of the drug policy. There is too much money in one direction for consumers not to demand a more honest product.



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