Letter: Fiscal column

Today’s (Dec. 17) contribution from Editor Tim Blagg on our country’s complex fiscal issues was outstanding. Hopefully the vast majority of your readers will see and read it. However, I fear that in today’s fast food, instant messaging and texting world most people won’t take the time. Sad but likely true.

One point he touched on but could have elaborated more was the funding of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In the history of our country “everyone” has sacrificed for war efforts. Many with their lives, but all with their taxes. The Bush tax reductions came at a time when he was waging war (though undeclared), but did not ask for sacrifice from the wealthiest among us. Instead they got a hefty tax decrease. Which, as Tim points out, is a big reason, though not the only one, we now have huge federal budget deficits.

Tim’s main message, at least for me: It is not “I win you lose.” We are in this together and had better come up with a solution together. The gap between those with plenty and those laboring for a living has widened dramatically since the 1990s. Unfortunately those laboring do not have the voice that those with plenty have. What does that suggest the solution might be?

Tim asks: Are we under taxed? I would say yes, given the tax structure. For the spending, our representatives and senators seem loth to “meaningfully” curtail it, especially the so-called pork.



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