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Letter: Elusive peace

I want to thank Richie Davis for sharing his concerns during the Seder supper, several months ago, for social justice for the Palestinians and what their continued oppression is doing to the heart and soul of Israel and Jewish culture. As a Christian, I share a similar sadness every Christmas Eve when we sing carols of the Holy Land, and realize that there is still no peace in this troubled land despite Christian, Jewish and Muslim efforts.

I, too, reflect on the proud Jewish traditions through the ages of tolerance, social justice, civil rights and fairness which should be at the foundation of the Israeli state. How did things go so wrong that a people who have known so much oppression have walled themselves in, blinded their eyes to the suffering of their Semitic cousins, and become accomplished oppressors themselves?

I hope more American and Israeli Jews will find the courage to speak out for a peaceful solution in Palestine that will free both the oppressor and the oppressed.


New Salem

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