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Letter: Home defense bill

Hats off to Sen. Stephen Brewer and 27 other co-sponsors for filing Senate Bill 661, that gives a person more rights in their home than a criminal perpetrating a home invasion or other form of illegal entry on you. The way the law is now, you could face a lawsuit if you defend your family and the criminal gets hurt, a process that could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars even if you were to win the case. Lose the case and the bandit could end up owning your house and make you homeless.

How about another scenario in which a criminal breaks into your home, ties you up, rapes and/or kills a family member and is attacking another. You manage to get free and find a weapon (gun, baseball bat, etc) and severely wound or kill the assailant, and you, the law-abiding citizen in your own home, get sued by the assailant or his family.

I can’t imagine any politician could vote against Senate Bill 661, thus favoring the criminal. We, the law-abiding people should not vote for any politician who casts their vote in favor of the criminal.

The bill Sen. Brewer filed would take away the assailant’s ability to sue, in these cases especially, and effectively taking the handcuffs off the law-abiding citizens and placing them on the criminals. The largest single issue constituency in the commonwealth would have to be sportsmen, sportswomen and law-abiding gun-owning citizens. If we all rally together and send a message to our elected politicians and vote accordingly, it would have a huge impact on future elections. Remember that it was Republican Gov. Paul Cellucci that signed into law the 1998 gun control measure, the worst in the country and we must not forget that he had a lot of help from the liberal Democrats.

I urge all sportspeople to contact your local senators and representatives and voice your support for Senate Bill 661, and request they pass it in an informal session of the Legislature before Jan. 1, 2013. It’s time to stand up and be counted.

Roger E. Ward

On behalf of the Conway Sportsmen’s Club

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