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No really good choice

While politics in the United States has always been a rough-and-tumble affair, we continue to be amazed by the low level of discourse every four years. Even here in Massachusetts, a region known for its enlightened politics, we haven’t been able to avoid wrestling in the muck.

That has been very evident in the recent race for United States Senate.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren have spent much of the campaign trying to slam each other personally — despite the early promises of not going negative — and little time presenting the voters of the commonwealth with a clear picture of where they stand on the multitude of issues that face our nation.

We have concerns about both candidates and their ability to represent the interests of the residents of Massachusetts in Congress and before the nation.

Though Warren strikes us an intelligent and capable candidate, we have reservations about her ability to work with people on both sides of the aisle. It’s one thing to stand by one’s principles and it’s another to be so entrenched in your thinking that you miss possible opportunities for the daily compromises necessary to move the country forward.

Meanwhile, while Brown continues to talk about being independent, we see too many cases where he has sided with a Republican leadership more concerned with making sure President Barack Obama is a one-term president than acting positively and accomplishing what’s in the best interests of the country.

Perhaps we’d feel differently if we thought that either one of the candidates was genuinely concerned with what’s happening here in the western part of the state.

While we understand the lure of the Boston megaplex, with its population and money, the residents of Franklin County deserve to be represented on an equal footing — our votes matter on the same level as anywhere else in the commonwealth.

With that said, we’re in a quandary as to who deserves our endorsement for U.S. Senate.

Therefore, we are disinclined to offer an endorsement and suggest that voters follow their conscience in making a choice in this race.

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