Letter: Read between the lines

Notice what Scott Brown DOESN’T say? He never volunteers his party, or promotes the GOP nominee. He’s attempting political camouflage in a blue state. It’s understandable: Massachusetts will utterly reject Mitt Romney. Brown’s distanced himself from the most egregious expressions of right-wing extremism. At the next debate, play a drinking game on how often Sen. Brown refers to himself as “bipartisan”; you’ll likely need a designated driver at the end. He knows that Massachusetts isn’t buying what the GOP is selling.

Efforts to distract us from his record means working harder to see beyond campaign rhetoric. Remember: Scott Brown has voted in Republican lockstep three-quarters of the time, even more so before Elizabeth Warren joined the race.

Follow the money. Scott Brown receives huge financial support from energy companies and Wall Street; his votes reflect that. He favors continuing subsidies for Big Oil and tax breaks for millionaires. He’s weakened financial industry regulation which had brought us to the brink of a second Depression. Scott Brown is a member of the most obstructionist, partisan Congress in memory, opposing Obamacare and Paycheck Fairness, defeating the President’s three jobs bills, abandoning former environmental stands, opposing corporate tax disclosure, etc.

The populist truck, the barn coat — these are nothing more than images. Remember: Scott Brown is not an independent; he just plays one on TV. The GOP presided over the ongoing demolition of the middle class, barely paying lip service to the needs of working people. Scott Brown has too often been the reliable filibuster for Wall Street and wealthy patrons. President Obama needs a Congress to work cooperatively with him. Elizabeth Warren’s record shows her to be a passionate, deeply committed advocate for working families. She’s the fighter we need.



HE HAD A CONGRESS TO WORK WITH FOR TWO YEARS AND DID NOTHING!!!!! Warren is weak, why don't you hear her talk in any of her ads. She has no ideas, none what soever. FACT: BROWN #2 BIPARTISAN SENATOR. She really worked hard for those coal and asbestos families, didn't she?

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