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Letter: Who’s behind Clarke?

It is amazing to me that you let Ben S. Clarke, a far-right former speechwriter, not a journalist, fly under the radar. I had to search for what tiny bit of background I could find:

speechwriter for very conservative political figures such as Frist and McCain;

graduate of NMH in ‘97;

and what else?

In spite of your continuing to present him as a national figure working for an international communication company, he has refused to answer my repeated request for his boss or bosses. “Follow the money” is usually the best advice to see where a person is coming from. Does he even have a job? And if so, why not disclose it as context to his text?

His article of Oct. 3 is a thinly veiled attack on Obama, hiding under an all-too-obvious and well-known critique of Romney, long since generated by the tea party, that great Republican “ally.” The accompanying cartoon about style and “substance” said it much better than Clarke, but of course a picture/image is worth a thousand words.

Yes, but who is paying for his words? His right to express opinions granted, they would be better understood if he came out of the financial closet.



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