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Letter: Political reality

Ed Evans calls Sen. Scott Brown a “phony” but thinks Elizabeth Warren is “the real thing.” Ed, you’re delusional. Lyin’ Liz IS NOT Native American. I don’t care what her mama told her. The professor is a PHONY. Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr calls her “Pinocchio-Hontas.” Well put.

How about that first presidential debate? James Carville said Romney showed up “with a chainsaw.”

Liberals everywhere are in panic mode because Mitt kicked the “rock star’s” butt.

Andrew Sullivan: “Look, you know how much I love the guy, but this was a disaster for Obama.”

Bill Maher: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter.”

Andrea Mitchell looked like she wanted to jump off a cliff (and if Mitt is elected, she probably will).

The Recorder editorial board: “Give the edge to Romney, but don’t call it a win for the American public.”

Well, the American public certainly hasn’t been winning with Obama, that’s for sure.

Twenty-three million people can’t find work.

Forty-seven million people are on food stamps.

One out of six Americans live in poverty.

John Sununu is right: The president is “lazy” and “detached.” All he can do is give a lame speech.

Obama never was a leader. He’s been too busy fundraising, partying with superstars, and chatting with the gals on “The View.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the 104 rounds of golf.

The reality is that Obama’s the one who’s out of touch.

The reality is that Mitt is a “sterling” businessman (to quote Bill Clinton), and Barry is a clueless community organizer.

The reality is that Romney is a job CREATOR and Obama is a job KILLER.

If Mitt does win on Nov. 6, liberals’ heads are gonna explode.



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