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Letter: Excuse making

I understand that The Recorder has moved just a little left of the Valley Advocate when it comes to how it chooses its news articles, where it places them in the paper and who writes what on the editorial page. I even have to put up with Gary Sanderson’s liberal rantings on the sports page (why IS he on the sports page?). But to defend, support and make excuses for this lame president’s total failure in the first debate is a joke.

The Recorder makes an excuse for him when it says he was simply “... reserved, sometimes bemused ...” I’ll tell you what he was, totally unprepared and acting like the whole process was somehow beneath his highness. The Recorder says he was trying to “... convince the Republicans in Congress to put aside the partisan rancor ...” again making an excuse by blaming (again) all his failings on the Republican Congress. I’m surprised you didn’t somehow blame Bush, too.

The Recorder asks “How could Obama let Romney get away with ...” then lists several things he SHOULD have said or done. The Recorder did its best to make all the arguments that the president didn’t, couldn’t, or wasn’t prepared to. Here’s what I saw: a president who doesn’t want this job anymore. He’s failed and he knows it and while he has to go through this re-election process, he knows he doesn’t have to really try to win it. It’s obvious he needs to go, and he’s making it easy for us.


South Deerfield

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