Letter: Pipeline plans

Kinder Morgan has a FERC petition now called “the Connecticut Expansion,” where they are seeking to bypass environmental impact processes at both the state and federal level to reconfigure their existing pipeline in Massachusetts! This pipeline exists in southern Massachusetts, but they are planning to divert that pipeline’s gas and suppliers to Connecticut, it seems, in order to build the case for the much larger project through northern Massachusetts, using its existing customers on the southern Pipeline as customers for the Northeastern “Express.”

The Boston Globe reports, that the third Algonquin pipeline further along in the FERC process would already satisfy the needs of the entire region and many times over what could ever be needed in the future. Of course that study also showed a clear low demand scenario where any additional capacity would be unnecessary. The Black and Veach report: undertaken by gas investment interests cites 0.6bcf as suitable for the region’s needs. That’s point six! The Northeast Energy Express is slated for 2.2 bcf. The Algonquin, again, for 2.5 the Connecticut pipeline could be used to address these needs but they are deliberately diverting their prior market and proposing a very small expansion to deliberately manipulate the second, larger FERC proposal. They have already flouted the state process and are now pushing FERC to expedite without adequate review. That makes a total of five billion-plus cubic feet of overbuilt pipelines, stealing hundreds of Massachusetts properties for private gain. FERC Chairperson Cheryl LaFleur has announced that they don’t have time for environmental impact studies, and don’t have the scope to control exports. Welcome to the U.S.: an extraction colony for the 0.01 percent. Gas investments, which we already heavily subsidize, are now going to cause us to compete on world gas we already heavily, heavily subsidize.



As one of the people who is working in the resistance to the pipeline, I can't help but wonder about the the history of LaFleur's statement, which seems outrageous. How can FERC be so clueless about what's at stake here? Or do they not care? Is FERC so in the pocket of these huge corporations that they are dead to the reality of what these pipeline projects mean to us who live and work and build lives that will be destroyed if this pipeline goes through? Did Cheryl LaFleur really say, word for word, that FERC doesn't have time for environmental studies and they don't care about where this gas is going? Thank you for your letter and for keeping this issue alive. There are now dozens of interventions and comments on the FERC website. I have read every single one of them, and it is clear that segmentation is illegal and is huge threat to the people of Sandisfield. It is also clear that Kinder Morgan is trying to circumvent due process so they can sneak their project past us. We must make sure they do not act above the law and that the public at large is made aware of what is happening to our community rights at the hands of $100 billion corporations. And, we must make sure that FERC hears the voices of the people they're affecting, loud and clear.

Oh, and gas investment interests are completely exempt from superfund legislation, so Kinder Morgan was quite serious that accidents and spills create "job opportunities" but only if "communities can organize" in getting things cleaned up. Are these the kind of jobs we want for our children in Massachusetts. Do a google search of superfund sights already in Massachusetts, and communities like Woburn that have ongoing cancer clusters decades later. Where is our health department????

Jennifer, I'm representing the Pipeline Resistance and we would like to know your citation for Cheryl Lafleur's statement. Did you speak to her in person or on the phone or via email? To make such a statement indicates a level of negligence that causes considerable concern; we want to make sure her statement is completely -- word for word if possible -- accurate. Thank you very much for your letter and for continuing to keep this very grave subject in the public eye. To date, there are dozens of interventions and comments on the FERC website, many personal testimonies that make it very clear that this project, if it goes forward, will be a disaster for our Commonwealth. Thanks again.

Kinder Morgan was specifically named in Federal Court ruling, citing both the company and FERC for segmenting pipeline projects and stating that this process cuts short necessary environmental impact studies and regional planning The court ruled that this is illegal. . . . This "little" segment in Sandisfield, MA is actually part of an entire pipeline plan for the state of Massachusetts and should be treated as part of the entire project.

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