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Letter: Learn what ‘yield’ means

A lot of concern has been expressed about cell phone use and texting while driving causing car accidents. I am writing to express my concern for another situation that I believe is becoming much more prevalent on our roads where you find a rotary or entrance to a major highway.

How many of us are finding we are “holding our breaths” when we see a car entering into our lane without showing any thought other than “beating us” to a spot. I have witnessed a number of situations where drivers have been trapped by a car coming on fast and having a car in the outside lane. To stay safe, the driver has to slow down to accommodate the entering car. I call this “Playing Chicken,” which is a game I do not like to play.

The sign at rotaries and entrances says, “YIELD.” It appears that more and more drivers think that this means speed up and break into the pack without any thought for the other driver. When I took my drivers’ test, one of the questions was about rotaries and who has the right of way. The correct answer at that time was: the driver already in the circle has the right of way. If this is still the correct answer, why do so many drivers think they do not need to YIELD if they are entering the circle?

I am writing this letter because I believe that these drivers who do not seem to know what the word YIELD means can cause as many accidents or maybe more than a driver who is texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. All of these are safety issues which need to be addressed by individual citizens.

I am asking people to observe these signs. If they do, as the saying goes, it may be their lives they save.



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