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Letter: The Middle East mess

Thanks to Ted Thornton for his cogent analysis of the Israel-Palestine situation.

As Mr. Thornton suggests, denunciation of Israel without concern for the facts of history, geography and politics serves no good purpose. Acting out of pure emotion without consideration of facts rarely serves a good purpose.

Millennia of confrontations in the region obscure the fact that during the same millennia Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Europeans, and people from all over the world live together in relative harmony except when provoked, often by the interests of encroaching empires. Surely, for example, U.S. militarism has not promoted harmony in Israel-Palestine.

Supporting Palestine and the Palestinian people without recognizing concerns of Israelis and Jews reflects centuries of anti-Semitism and decades of liberal guilt complex.

What a mess. Until the violence, in large measure supported by American militarism, ends, there cannot be harmony in Israel-Palestine.



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