Letter: The Mideast mess

I am a former United States Marine and would no doubt be described as a hawk rather than a dove. Yet given the recent events in the Mideast, Iraq, Afghanistan among them, I have to feel that we have wasted badly a large number of our young military for absolutely nothing.

I remember reading an editorial by a professor, Bernard den Ouden, expressing a point that if the people in that region wanted to be out from under the thumb of the then thug, it really should be up to them to do it. I have to agree with him. All of the work we have done there and all the lives we have lost there, I can’t believe will amount to spit.

Freedom is something that cannot be given, but must be earned and until the people in those areas want freedom badly enough to work and fight for it, they will always live under the thumb of one dictator or the other. I believe the best thing we can do at this point is withdraw ALL of our people from those areas, let the chips fall where they may, get our people home and be ready to help Israel in its struggle against the neighbors who would like to drive her into the sea. Israel is a democratic nation in the midst of nations of an Islamic culture who would love to do as Hitler tried to do and eliminate all of Israel.



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