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Letter: Court errors

To say that the Supreme Court justices have erred in placing corporations above people, and that Congress needs to find a way to fix this is the same as saying that my opinion is greater than those of the highest court in the land — such arrogance!

The error of the high court began long ago in the Wade vs. Roe pronouncement that the taking of the life of the unborn was all right — the law of the land! It was the most egregious error for it is not what Christians want or believe is humane. Witness the pro-life marches in Washington, D.C., each year.

Perhaps the Supreme Court now realizes that the government should stay out of the sex lives of its people. Some dissenting justices are still pegged to the brittle hide of a world lacked in the unblinking eyes of women’s right to kill their unborn — a culture of death.

It is against the natural law those who ignore the consequences of contraception really don’t need dictated health care coverage to help them enjoy what pleases them. Better control of their own bodies and less control by government dictate is a better route.

To embrace government control over religious freedom can make us only think, may, shudder at our editorial’s propagation that is contrary to the rights of God-fearing people. Shame on you!


Shelburne Falls

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