Letter: Humane treatement

Imagine a dog locked in a cage so small that he or she can barely move, much less turn around — day after day, month after month. We would be shocked to see a dog or cat treated this way and the pet’s owner would probably be charged with animal cruelty. But treating animals this way is common in the egg industry, even in Franklin County.

We have an opportunity in Massachusetts to make a real difference in the way farm animals are treated with upcoming legislation, Mass Bill S2232.

This bill would ban veal pens for calves, “gestation” crates for pigs and so called “battery cages” for laying hens. Please take just a moment to contact our legislators Sen. Stan Rosenberg and Rep. Stephen Kulik (soon!) and ask them to support this important piece of legislation — not only for our commonwealth, but so that we can be an humane example for other states who may be less courageous.

(Further information is on the website humanesociety.org.)



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