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Cade/My Turn: The Recorder’s ‘ladies’

Not too long ago, I wrote about the “men” of The Recorder. Today, I’d like to turn my attention to the “women.”

Let us first pay homage to Irmarie Jones, the doyenne of all The Recorder ladies who have followed her. She traveled tirelessly to all parts of the area, bringing news of myriad activities and happenings. Eventually, the news came to her and she presented it through “Just Plain Neighbors.” Everyone read Irmarie! (She and I were proud “Band Moms” back in the day and strong supporters of “Keep music in our schools.”)

Dolly Gagnon — we all know also of Dolly’s “Talk of the Towns.” Once, we would dash in through the newsroom to speak with Dolly at her desk at the front of the room to bring her the latest news bits. Now I suppose, it’s mostly sent to her online. I wonder if she misses the more personal way of news gathering?

Anita Fritz — a news writer with a byline and many excellent Recorder stories to her credit, but she has also inherited the mantle once worn by Irmarie, and now we check out “Anita’s column” to see what might be happening around us. It is a lot!

Mary McClintock — such a busy woman, with many local interests. Her recipes often find us heading to the kitchen to try something new. We tried the Gilfeather turnips and liked them — but don’t save the leftovers — they become very strong! (We should chat some time — I ,too, have a close Australian connection.)

Pat Leuchtman — her gardening stories bring her flowers to life — one can almost smell the roses. And we share her frustration when something that was “promised to bloom” just sits here stubbornly! I have told certain clematis vines to “bloom or die! I no longer have gardens, but those who do may find many helpful ideas in her writings.(And yes, I remember Elsa B., a Master Gardener in all respects.)

Sheryl Hunter — so enjoyable to read of the many musical and cultural offerings in this small area. There is something for just about every taste and budget. One caveat: I’d like to know where to buy some of the new CDs she writes of — they seem to be off the grid locally.

Tinky Weisblat — Her book reviews are well done and should surely send constant readers out to the local book store or to the public library to seek out some new reading. Local writers are always given proper attention, which is pleasing.

I know there are other women whose names I’ve seen attached to excellent Recorder pieces; photographs as well, but not so recently. Diane Broncaccio had several excellent pieces and I found Beth Reynolds’ photographs always eye catching.

So, these are the ladies who share my breakfast coffee, in all seasons. In another day, it might have been a cup of afternoon tea, but that has gone the way of the afternoon paper! Thank you ladies, for providing me with helpful and cheerful and amusing reading in the morning. It helps to bring balance to what the rest of the daily paper has to tell us.

Estelle Cade is a Greenfield.

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