Letter: Not a Walmart

In The Recorder’s “Readers Write” section on June 4 there was a letter from a Ms. Bricker in which she asks questions about the objections many of us have to putting a Walmart Super Store in across from Stop & Shop in Greenfield.

I am not a resident of Greenfield. However, I do shop at Stop & Shop and don’t see any need for a Walmart grocery store. It seems to me such a store will have no result for us other than to drive out our current Stop & Shop.

As to shopping in Greenfield, if people looking for clothing try shopping the sales at Wilson’s I think they’d be pleasantly surprised. For low-end clothing, there are certainly the dollar stores but also the “high end” fancy clothing stores occasionally have clothes at amazingly inexpensive sale prices. For food, there is Green Fields Market, Foster’s Super Market, Stop & Shop and Big Y as well as Turners Falls’ and Shelburne Falls’ smaller supermarkets. The quality of food is excellent. Then, consider that Walmart will be way up on French King Highway quite a distance from most county residents. Not more convenient.

Please do look for a big-box store; not a Walmart Super Store guaranteed to drive local businesses to ruin. Why is Greenfield even considering such a dumb move?



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