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2014 Poet's Seat Poetry Contest: “For Wood: Syria” by Alice Thomas

Alice Thomas
Recorder/Micky Bedell

Alice Thomas Recorder/Micky Bedell

“For Wood: Syria”

Blazing. In and

under the sun,

a corrugated life

passes in suspended


Sent out, the

woman peeks

about, in search

of wood

to feed the fire:


Her circuitous

route of doors

and walls makes

me dizzy; just

to watch her,

holding the

exhale at every

turn in my


to stay with her,

fix upon her,

with her, glide.

Is she keen?

I don’t know.

Once at the wood,

will she return?

I don’t know.

I pause

with her, even

in the gasp

of time;

the halt;

she implores me

with her eyes, to

cloak her in the

vision of her child,


for the fire she builds,

daily. My eyes

go with her;

watch; the world watches;

this tiny life

for wood.

Alice Thomas


Adult poet, third place

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