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Letter: Forget the ‘slams’

We are one nation “under God” and all have a right to their opinions, a great part of our freedom! Anita Fritz has a right, as well as Al Norman and so many others in your city.

We here in Orange are thankful for our Wal-Marts. Oh, we love Greenfield, where I graduated from, but so many do not drive or can’t afford bus fare, back and forth, let alone, higher costs of products. It doesn’t take a “rocket-scientist” to know you have many places to build a “Wal-Mart,” which many people want. I think of your “Wilson’s,” which I have loved since a child and love to walk her floors, as I did at Goodnow’s, Aliber’s and only wearing Buster Brown shoes from the shoe store. Wilson’s has a wonderful clientele and always will. I doubt a Wal-Mart will hurt them at all.

I do not know your “Al Norman” or others, but “slammin’” him and others, isn’t solving a thing. Meanwhile, others suffer, who need this store, as for the many, more affordable prices.

Many places have been built on wetlands. I believe I reside on one, but it’s been here for many years.

Find the proper property and get it built. Slamming people isn’t going to solve anything. History proves: those who “pick” and complain do nothing in life but “pick” and complain, and getting nothing done!



Happy Wal-Mart customer

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