Letter: We’ve got it all wrong

All this new talk of a “living wage” is hopelessly backward. Only slacker-countries set community standards. Here we’ve been bogged down by in-exuberance for half a decade now. Who ever thought there might be a “limit” on limits in our great nation? Those once lavish no-bid contracts are now distant echoes from 10 years past.

Today, executive bonuses languish in the billions, with some now battered to six figures. We’ve strayed on the path to greatness. Lenders and brokers have their hands tied — dependent on new fees from the same properties they last worked in the bubble-days of seven years back. It’s withering. The old “known-unknowns” are again unknown.

But the courts have spoken. Money is speech. It’s time to complete the social contract between the wealthy and the wealthy in America. The lid on leverage has been lifted. The Cheney back room was designed to be the nation’s front room.

In this age of climate change, our chambers of commerce must assume their rightful places at the helms of our cities and towns. This is destiny, manifest. Talk of minimum wages is just old-school nonsense. Why toil for trifles?

It’s time to raise the maximum wage. Working America must understand: this is their nexus with a Lexus. Let’s bring this ship into port. A rising tide raises all yachts.



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