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Letter: Costly for Greenfield

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” This is Greenfield today because someone has an axe to grind against Walmart.

I’m a Massachusetts taxpayer who is highly upset to be paying the salaries of Mr. Norman and Judge Fein.

Only in Greenfield could such a miscarriage of justice against another person have happened.

Here’s a case of government telling a businessman what or what not he can do.

The stopping of a Walmart has been the plan of the job killing “sprawl-buster.”

First there was a battle over the permit, then the size of the store.

Then some handpicked abutters, who are no more abutters than any of us in Franklin County. I guess no one took me serious about the dictionary.

Then get the case into the Housing Court, which was clever because it dragged the case on.

Now the final piece to this puzzle will be wetlands and you know how the state will stick their nose in this issue.

I’ve mentioned real estate taxes in my other letters, but for some reason it never gets mentioned.

I’m saying that when Greenfield starts paying for the new high school, you won’t need a Walmart to run small business out, the taxes will do it for you.

I just can’t see how the people of Greenfield just ignore the impact of a new store on their taxes, jobs and new life to the area.

Walmart has hang-ups but they provide a lot of business to all of the city.

Where is the Chamber of Commerce on this?

What happens if this group of people decide to go after your business?


South Deerfield

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