Letter: Not good journalism

The Recorder’s article about Al Norman offering suggestions to a draft ordinance is a tempest in a teapot. You may think it is a good way to sell newspapers, but it is definitely not good journalism to make such innuendo about a citizen who was asked to participate in a process, has an expertise in the issue of wetlands protection and has done so in a totally transparent way. Nothing was circumvented, nobody has been denied or deprived by his input. When Mr. Norman was asked to “sit at the table” (an unattributed quote in the first paragraph of the story), he was participating in a democratic process and I believe he is motivated by the highest ideals of preserving our local economy, cultural vibrance and ecological integrity. Please make an effort to improve the journalistic tone of your paper in this contentious public issue and avoid polarizing the debate. This type of article is not to the highest standards that The Recorder has shown itself capable of providing.



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