Cade/My Turn: Sharing my morning with ‘Men of The Recorder’

As I poured my second cup of coffee today and settled down to read The Recorder, it occurred to me that these “Men of The Recorder” whom I invite into my home each morning have come to resemble a family group.

Tim Blagg — the “uncle” of the family. Well educated, well read, he offers his opinions in a considered manner. Usually I agree with him, sometimes I don’t, but so far we haven’t “rattled the tea cups.”

Chip Ainsworth — the traveling nephew. A sun seeker, he travels thousands of miles, eating bad food and drinking worse coffee, all in aid of telling us of sports events in far away places — and the price of being there. He stops in occasionally to touch base, with tales of local folk he meets here and there.

Jay Butynski — the young nephew. His cheerful approach to the local sports scene is amusing and refreshing. He’s never “snarky,” and the research he presents as bits about the old days and old ways makes for good reading.

Bill Danielson — teacher, naturalist, photographer. On Thursdays, I read his column first. His quietly humorous approach is so enjoyable and his love for what he does shines through, even though I could never hold a bird in my hand or sit quietly while they sat on my porch railing. (Or wait for hours in all weathers, to achieve that perfect photograph.)

Chris Collins — the family gadfly. He enjoys playing devil’s advocate and obviously enjoys ruffling the feathers of complacency. Many times he and I do not see eye to eye!

Tom Bevacqua — a weather man with a sense of humor and a bit of a poet as well. His quiet approach to WEATHER is a refreshing contrast to the hysterical hype flung at us by the TV weathermen. Its cold they shout at us — well, it is winter, after all.

Gary Sanderson — the family curmudgeon. He appears on schedule but usually prefers not to have coffee with me. He seems to carry a dark tone with him. Even his stories of hunting with his dogs don’t illustrate the brightness and crisp air of a day spent outdoors; rather I picture mud, brambles and a leaden sky overhead. Rather sad, I think to myself, as I turn the page.

Paul Franz and Mike Phillips — the Observers. They bring us wonderful pictures of life here in the valley, places and spaces we don’t take the time perhaps, to notice and be aware of. And the pictures of our local athletes — the energy leaps right off the page. So much of their work makes you say “that’s a keeper.”Too bad it’s so ephemeral. What fascinating books they could put together.

My coffee cup is empty. It’s time to get on with my day. It’s quite a group, I think to myself. If the editor happens to like this piece, I should write soon about the Women of The Recorder. They are fewer in number, but do have a Voice in this family.

Estelle Cade is a Greenfield resident.

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