Support Sioux pipeline protest at The Pint Tuesday

Recorder Staff
Friday, March 17, 2017

GREENFIELD — If you stop by The People’s Pint for dinner or a drink after work on Tuesday, March 21, you’ll also be helping to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in its fight against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The brewpub’s staff will donate half of their tips to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund on Tuesday night, which will be matched by The People’s Pint. Bartender William Chaney came up with the idea, saying he wanted to help fight the pipeline, but felt stuck.

“I couldn’t afford to go there, I couldn’t afford to lose my job — there’s all these factors of wanting to help, but not being able to be a physical protest,” he said.

Chaney hopes The Pint’s fundraiser will be an easy but meaningful way for people to contribute, noting that figuring out the best way to support a cause can be overwhelming. He said the restaurant’s staff was immediately on board with the idea.

“I’m lucky enough that I work with amazing people and immediately there was no hesitation. All waitresses, waiters, bartenders, the manager, everyone signed off immediately that they were OK with giving up half their income. We live off tips, we’re not heavily waged employees, so it’s a big deal for people who work here,” he said.

Gifts cards from local businesses will also be raffled off during the benefit, including Hope and Olive, Magpie, Mesa Verde, The Rendezvous and Seymour. Nova Motorcycles will also raffle off a T-shirt.

Chaney said all the money raised will go directly to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund through its official website.

Josh Breitner, general manager of The People’s Pint, said the restaurant has been participating more actively in the political and ethical discourse taking place across the country and getting involved in local and wider causes.

The Pint recently held a “Send a Pink Slip to Washington” event, during which people sent postcards with their thoughts to President Donald Trump.

The Pint has also brewed a special beer to help raise funds for Just Roots Community Farm.

“We’re very happy to be a community pub and a community engine for things that we believe are right, and we hope our customers support,” Breitner said.