.... while security officers union reaches a deal

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, December 05, 2017

GREENFIELD — The security staff at Baystate Franklin Medical Center have reached an agreement with the hospital over their first contract since joining a union.

The security officers at the hospital joined the Law Enforcement Officers Security Union (LEOSU) earlier this year, as the staff at Baystate Franklin sought to gain support over wages, staffing and safety concerns.

“We have appreciated the thoughtful approach LEOSU took to the negotiations along with their commitment to work together to reach an expedient collective bargaining agreement,” Cindy Russo, president of Baystate Franklin Medical Center, said in a press release.

Negotiations between the two parties began in April, while the nurses union was and continues to be in the middle of its own ongoing negotiations.

“We share the goal of providing a safe environment for patients and staff and this contract reflects our respect and appreciation for the role our security team plays in achieving that goal,” Russo said in a press release.

Steve Maritas, the organizing director for the security union, said the Baystate Franklin employees were able to agree to wage increases with leadership at the hospital.

The local chapter of the Massachusetts Nurses Association congratulated the security staff on the succesful contract negotiations. The nurses have been negotiating with the hospital over a new union contract for more than a year.

“As fellow union members, we’re thrilled for them,” Donna Stern, the head of the local nurses union said. “Baystate is showing us that there is a pathway to agreement.”