Do what is right for all of mankind

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

From my old, 1954 edition of the Random House, “Basic Everyday Encyclopedia,” some information from two words therein: fascism and nazism.

“Fascism is a totalitarian political system appearing first in Italy (1922) ... Mussolini set up a corporative state ... to benefit the industrialists and landowners. Fascism kept itself in power by socialistic slogans, sops to the unemployed, military adventures, monopoly of propaganda, secret and open terror, till ... Mussolini was overthrown.”

“Nazism ... Hitler’s political party. Compounded of pan-German nationalism, virulent anti-Semitism, anti-communism, anti-pacifism, and repression of all liberal or progressive thought in whatever field ... Nazism gathered momentum through fiery propaganda, mass meetings, and uniformed militias ... Under Nazism ... the regimentation of labor, press, schools and law courts were developed as instruments of policy.”

Five years after the Random House publication, William Shirer wrote “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” From a review comment by the NY Times: “Here is the story of Hitler himself ... and the maniacal fury which led him to destroy the country he claimed to love so much.”

And the last paragraph of Shirer’s Foreword: “In our new age of terrifying, lethal gadgets, which supplanted so swiftly the old one, the first great aggressive war, if it should come, will be launched by suicidal little madmen pressing an electronic button. Such a war will not last long and none will ever follow it. There will be no conquerors and no conquests, but only the charred bones of the dead on an uninhabited planet.”

My hope and prayer as a human being, citizen, patriot, minister, concerned for the life of this earth, our only home, is that those generals on all sides, and those responsible officers under their command, will refuse to obey the orders of deranged power mongers who would destroy life as we know it in a suicidal, political game of chicken.

In this, our homeland, there are “power mongers” appointed to offices of great responsibility and authority who would destroy this great democratic republic of “we the people,” destroy our system of public education, our freedoms, and lay waste our environment — our forests and fields, our water and air ... to satisfy their greedy selves and their greedy friends.

In a much older collection of books, a writer quotes YHWH God speaking to a prophet: “Gird up you loins” and confront the evil that has arisen because of a lack of vigilance and faithfulness to what is right and just. Those who hold office, Democrat, Republican, independent, conservative, liberal, moderate, including the wingnuts of the extreme left and right — if you love this nation and its people, as you say, it is time for you to “gird up” your courage, shake off the bonds of control by the political-military-industrial-pharma-chemical-Wall Street complex and do what is right and just.

Jim Moore

Conway (retired pastor)