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‘As the woods wake up, it’s my favorite time’: Turkey hunters relish spring season
05-17-2024 12:36 PM


The Boston Red Sox season will still be warming up by the end of this month, with about 110 games remaining before the playoffs. But outdoor sportsmen across Massachusetts will have already hung up their gear until around the time the World Series...

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Mystery shrouds case of injured moose euthanized in Sunderland
05-21-2024 5:31 PM


SUNDERLAND — Police responded to the area of Bull Hill Road and Route 116 Tuesday morning for a report of a moose struck by a vehicle. Upon arrival shortly after 7 a.m., though, there were more questions than answers, as first responders found an...

Experts advise bird rescue best left to professional, permitted wildlife rehabilitators
05-15-2024 4:58 PM


CONWAY — As spring continues to bloom and birds migrate back toward the region, folks should remember to leave bird rehabilitation and rescues to professional, permitted wildlife rehabilitators.Local experts and the state Division of Fisheries and...

PHOTO: River runway
05-05-2024 1:42 PM

PHOTO: Getting settled in Deerfield
05-03-2024 7:23 PM

PHOTO: Double eagle
04-17-2024 1:58 PM

PHOTO: Two by two
03-30-2024 11:26 AM

PHOTO: Snoozing swan
03-21-2024 1:10 PM

Biologists, governor visit bear den in Pelham
03-13-2024 10:15 AM

PELHAM — State biologists took the governor for a visit to a black bear den in Pelham last week as part of ongoing research.Each winter, biologists from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) visit the dens of female black...

PHOTOS: Attracting an audience
02-08-2024 12:54 PM

PHOTO: Eagle eye
01-30-2024 3:26 PM

With coyotes in midst of mating season, pet owners urged to be cautious
01-17-2024 1:12 PM


As coyotes become more active during their mating season, spanning January through March, pet owners are urged to stay vigilant.The eastern coyote — which resembles a medium-size dog, but has pointed ears and denser fur — can be found in almost every...

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: Feeding wildlife doesn’t help
01-10-2024 3:49 PM

Wintertime in Massachusetts allows residents everywhere to begin their yearly ritual of feeding the birds. People love watching the many species of birds arriving at their feeders every winter. And in Shelburne, we especially love it when we see one...

Keeping eagles aloft: Marking 50 years of Endangered Species Act successes
12-31-2023 10:00 AM


Ask almost any conservationist about an Endangered Species Act (ESA) success story and they will tell you about the bald eagle.“Growing up, I would have never seen a bald eagle in western Massachusetts,” said Jeff Collins, senior director of...

Speaking of Nature: An immature Cooper’s Hawk gives me a glare
12-25-2023 2:00 PM


Dear Reader: I can’t believe that 2023 is almost over. Next week I am going to work on my traditional Year-In-Review column, but today I have decided to give myself permission to go back to one of my favorite photos of 2023. This is a photo that I...

Speaking of Nature: No bird record set in November
12-10-2023 3:34 PM


I’ll just get straight to the point – it didn’t happen. Try as I might, I was unable to break the record for the number of bird species observed in my yard. For about a week it looked as though my magical record-breaking streak of four consecutive...

Animal rights group destroys fence, releases 500 birds in Bernardston
12-04-2023 3:33 PM


BERNARDSTON — Members of an extremist animal rights group have claimed responsibility for the destruction of fencing and release of approximately 500 birds at Fullflight Game Farm shortly after Thanksgiving.People affiliated with the Animal Liberation...

County, state see increase in vehicle-deer collisions
11-01-2023 5:22 PM


If you’re driving around in the next few months and see a literal deer in the highlights, know that you’re not alone.Deer-vehicle collisions have skyrocketed in Massachusetts over the past decade, and Franklin County is no exception. Its long, winding...

Ecological restoration practices showcased at Montague Plains tour
10-31-2023 1:52 PM


TURNERS FALLS — Ecologists and researchers observed more than three decades worth of conservation efforts with their own eyes during a recent tour of the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area.Attendees discussed seven subtopics across as many stops...

Report: Humans still putting ‘untenable burden’ on right whales
10-23-2023 12:34 PM


The critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population might be starting to level off after years of decline, but researchers said human activities still present significant ongoing threats to the species.At its annual meeting this week in...

Speaking of Nature: Growing in a quiet corner — the nannyberry
10-15-2023 3:46 PM


“One has only to sit down in the woods or fields, or by the shore of the river or the lake, and nearly everything of interest will come round to him, — the birds, the animals, the insects; and presently, after his eye has got accustomed to place, and...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 64 total.

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