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My Turn: No room for hate — Let’s walk our talk
07-23-2024 12:42 PM


On May 28 at 6 p.m., a “Bring the hostages home” rally was held at the Greenfield common. Some of those gathered had Israeli flags, including one 83-year-old woman with a walker. An onlooker, a woman younger than 83, shouted “Genocide” relentlessly...

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My Turn: Dynamic chaos theory
07-21-2024 12:56 PM


The charade of the Republican convention surpasses all known levels of hypocrisy and sleight of hand. After the two apostates Nicki Haley and Ron DeSantis got done with their reformation symphonies, and we were treated to shots of Trump’s face in...

Russell Pirkot: Something to think about
07-17-2024 4:34 PM

Here’s something to think about, what would we do if both Joe Biden and Donald Trump died in their sleep tonight, of natural causes? Seriously, what would we, as individuals and institutions, do if that happened? I’m not asking for this, or suggesting...

Lew LaChance: Our national anthem
07-15-2024 5:17 PM

In 1814, a Fleet of British warships with sails attacked Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland. Six bombarded the fort. This fort was built in the shape of a star with many opportunities for the U.S. defenders to fight off the invaders. That is what they...

Doomsday climate predictions never stop
07-05-2024 12:43 PM

False doomsday climate predictions have been going on for decades and will continue with the likes of columns by Russ Vernon Jones and others with their wild Nostradamus predictions that never come true.I still remember the late 1970s watching a TV...

My Turn: Only a game, but it’s the only game
06-25-2024 7:28 PM


We did not clock our serious hours watching Celtic games. How many watching the playoffs? How many re-watching highlights of the playoffs? How many hours reading, talking, thinking, dreaming … go Celtics? There’s a story my father used to tell. It...

Lew La Chance: Life is worth living
06-13-2024 7:22 PM

Many people like to watch the children run about and play without a care in the world. In the movie, “The Tea House of the August Moon,” a story of Okinawa, Post World War II, they sit quietly and contemplate the day, when the sun goes down.A man came...

Thanks to Greenfield public works and city officials
05-28-2024 7:13 AM

Wow! Thanks for cold-planning & resurfacing with bituminous concrete many of our Greenfield roads. Gone are the patches. Alden, Beech, Conway, and Shelburne streets, and Columbus Avenue, and part of Woodard Road were treated by Warner Brothers. The...

My Turn: Hamas strategy of sacrificing civilians crime against humanity
05-20-2024 5:17 PM


As Israel’s rockets crash into Gaza, smashing the country to rubble and crushing the population, scenes of stupefying devastation overwhelm us. We grieve the loss of innocent lives, in both Israel and Gaza. And yet, as horrifying as it is to...

My Turn: My personal Middle East peace plan
05-19-2024 1:52 PM


 Seeing that the Israelis and the Palestinians are stuck with each other, it’s time for my comprehensive peace plan. None of the following is particularly original or realistic, but it sure beats the endless cycle of fratricidal violence between these...

Jasper Lapienski: On the justification for war
05-19-2024 1:49 PM

If a small child hits a bigger child, most of us would understand if the big kid hits back. After all, the other one started it. If, on the other hand, the bigger child chooses to turn the other cheek rather than retaliate — well, we would honor this...

My Turn: Unwelcome gift in mailbox — A flag that won’t be flying
05-16-2024 8:39 PM


 On a recent morning, there was a LGBTQ+ flag in my mailbox, encased in plastic and accompanied by a lengthy note which was a computer printout. I was told that I was “gifted” with this flag, and was welcomed to display it outside my home. The note...

My Turn: Choosing wisely for ourselves, next generation
05-13-2024 6:25 PM


 In the larger picture, we’re not that much different from the rest of the animal kingdom, except that we can build within or outside the laws of nature.Follow what are observable truths or jump down rabbit holes, jump off cliffs, ignore the weather,...

Guest columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: Being accountable a marker for maturity
05-13-2024 7:01 AM


“A body of people holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” — Thomas PaineOne thing that distinguishes grown-up mature adults from others not in this cohort is the ability to “own” and be accountable and responsible...

Evlyn Ashong-Katai: Back tax fund for elderly, disabled
05-09-2024 5:04 PM

My name is Evlyn Ashong-Katai and I moved to Greenfield in June 2023 when I bought my first-ever property, my home, at the age of 26. As a Greenfield resident, I am reaching out because of the proposed elderly/disabled tax fund.When reading about this...

Becca King: Tax fund for elderly, disabled a good idea
04-22-2024 9:43 AM

As an elder on a modest and fixed income who falls through many benefits cracks, I appreciate the efforts of Greenfield City Councilors Minhas and Mastrototaro in seeking new ways to support our elders and individuals with disabilities with a property...

As I See It: What if we could think like 10-year-olds?
04-20-2024 8:01 AM


My wife, who is my severest critic, says I think like a 10-year old, which I interpret as a compliment. True, I tend to be simple-minded and linear as a 10-year-old child would be. After nearly half a century of working as a sociologist, writing a...

Mitch Speight and Joan Marie Jackson: City should follow constitutional ruling on property takings
04-18-2024 5:12 PM

On April 13, the Greenfield tax collector bought a full-page advertisement in this newspaper announcing the city’s intention to “take” 35 parcels of land on May 3 for “non-payment after demand, of the taxes due thereon.” The list of properties for...

Columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: Cultural humility means relinquishing ‘superiority’
04-15-2024 7:31 AM


“The greatest friend of truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humility.” — Charles Caleb ColtonHeadline news everywhere screams of key contemporary themes involving “ego,” “self,” “it’s all about me,”… not to...

Pamela Kelly: Climate change expert shouldn’t be missed
04-05-2024 4:04 PM

William Moomaw is a global authority on climate change. A founder of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy in 1992, he was a lead author of five Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change...

John Giniusz: Smarter than the ‘bullying rabble’
04-01-2024 5:44 PM

I am disappointed that the Greenfield City Council succumbed to the bullying rabble that demands we all stick our noses in the middle of a thousands of years blood feud between Israelis and Arabs.Since I don’t have any investment in the military...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 28 total.

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