Report cites FBI interest in Hefner complaints


For the Recorder
Monday, December 18, 2017

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may be getting involved with investigations into alleged actions by the spouse of Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, D-Amherst.

The Boston Globe recently, citing unnamed sources, reported that the FBI intends to look into the allegations made against Bryon Hefner, Rosenberg’s husband.

Hefner is alleged, in a previous Globe story, to have committed sexual assaults and harassment against four men involved in state government. He is alleged to have groped or kissed the men who had business before the Senate and boasted about his influence with Rosenberg, the paper reported.

Rosenberg spokeswoman Mara Dolan said the office does not comment on matters concerning Hefner, referring questions to Hefner’s attorney, Tracy Miner.

But Dolan said no one associated with the FBI has reached out to Rosenberg.

“Federal agents have not contacted our office,” Dolan said.

Miner, an attorney with Demoe LLP Counselors at Law in Boston, said in an email that she has no information about the FBI being involved, other than what was reported in the Globe.

“Neither I nor my client has been contacted by the FBI and I do not see any federal interest here,” Miner said. “Bryon Hefner Rosenberg is not a public official.”

The allegations prompted Rosenberg to step aside from the Senate President post during an investigation being overseen by the Senate Committee on Ethics. That committee is expected to hire a private investigator, possibly as early as next week.

The investigation will determine whether Rosenberg knew about Hefner’s actions and if Hefner had any role in decisions made in the Senate.

In addition, Attorney General Maura Healey and Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley have asked any victims to come forward to report incidents so they can investigate whether Hefner could be subject to any criminal charges.

Rosenberg has denied any knowledge of Hefner’s alleged actions and emphatically stated that Hefner has had no influence on Senate decisions.