Real Estate/Changing Hands, June 8, 2018

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Robert A. Poissant and Pamela J. Poissant, of Whately, to James H. Johnson and Carolyn B. Johnson, of Williamsburg. 193 Norton Hill Road. $365,000

Ethan K. Vandermark and Ashley Niles, to April P. West, of North Adams. 520 Main Road. $274,000


Arno Leonard Skalski, of North Billerica, Pamela M. Fisk, of Deerfield, and Sandra J. Lacoy, to Christopher C. Raymond and Debra J. Raymond, of Winchester, N.H. Merrifield Road. $50,000


Stephen A. Anderson and Ava T. Gips, to Stephen A. Anderson Investment Trust, Stephen A. Anderson, Trustee, and Ava T. Gips Investment Trust, Ava T. Gips, Trustee. 617 River Road. $1

Revocable Indenture of Trust of Paul S. Nebosky, Paul S. Nebosky individually and Trustee and Patricia A. Nebosky, to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Paul S. Nebosky, Paul S. Nebosky and Patricia A. Nebosky, Trustees. 10 Valley View Lane. Less than $100


Troy Santerre, of Northfield, to Michel Edward DuBois and Juan B. Ulloa, of New York, N.Y. 28 Revere Circle. $209,000

Mae A. Hale, of Waynesboro, Tenn., to Federal National Mortgage Association, of Washington, D. C. 101 Colrain St. $124,000

John A. White and Karen L. White, to White Investment Trust, John A. White and Karen L. White, Trustee. 124 South Shelburne Road. $1

Robert Mattson and Elizabeth McGrath, to Darren J. Stover and Kayla A. Stover, of Deerfield. 20 Hancock Lane. $230,000

Paul Edward LaFleur Estate, Robert LaFleur Personal Representative, and Susan McQuay, of Florence, Personal Representative, to Christine M. Lang, and Jocelyn V. Vara. 39 Petty Plain Road, Unit 39, 39-37 Petty Plain Condominium. $165,000

George R. Marchacos and Nancy J. Marchacos, to David P. Cardaropoli Jr., and Julie A. Cardaropoli, of Deerfield. 302 Wells St. $144,900


Jay R. Kapsinow, to Jay R. Kapsinow and Teresita A. Kapsinow. 259 East Hawley Road. $1


Carol J. Chagnon, of Athol, to Carol J. Chagnon, Joel W. Chagnon, and Scott C. Chagnon, of Athol. 4 Chippawa Drive. $1

Maryann Couch Estate, of Hampden County, Diane Daviau, individually & Personal Representative, to Casey J. Baker of Belchertown and Roxann L. Baker, of Granby, Ma. 47 Cascade Drive. $10,000


Gregory L. Woodard and Lynn H. Woodard, to Janine Roberts and Natalya Weinstein-Miller. Putney Road. $169,000


Anne R. Stevens, of Gloucester, to Anne R. Stevens, of Gloucester, and Julianna R. Stevens. 128 Seventh St. $1

Gary H. Gardner, to Clifford C. Spatcher and Natalie A. Spatcher. 442 Turners Falls Road. $402,000

Aaron D. Budine, to James Perkins and Deanne Andrews, of Greenfield. 432 Millers Falls Road. $200,000

Gregory L. Newth, to Thomas J. Mitchell, of Amherst. Federal Street. $30,000


Richard H. Oliver and Lori-Jo Oliver, to William Cody and Ciji Cody. 144 Neilson Road. $237,000


Ruth S. Green, to Green-Atchley Investment Trust, Ruth S. Green, Trustee. 627 South Mountain Road. $1

William Copeland, “aka” H. William Copeland, and Christine Copeland, to Richard C. Bishop, of Shelburne Falls. 179 West Road. $1

Richard C. Bishop, to H. William Copeland and Christine Copeland. 179 West Road. $1


Fred Heyes, “aka” Fred L. Heyes, to Heyes Family Forests LLC. North Main Street. $1

Fred L. Heyes, to Heyes Family Forests LLC. Tully-Athol Road and Little Tully. $1

Fannie Mae, by attorney, “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, of Dallas, Texas, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, attorney, to Patrick E. O’Neil, of Belchertown. 26 Hayden St. $68,000

Gary H. Moise, to Daniel J. Colturi, of Falmouth, Ma. 50 South Main St. $84,500

Andrew Meuse, to Brody M. Cullen and Katelyn A. Batutis. 78 Shelter St. $170,000

Mary M. Conant, of Turners Falls, and Marjorie Calcari and Sally Holbrook, to Mary M. Conant of Turners Falls, Marjorie Calcari and Sally Holbrook. 73 Kelton St. Less than $100.

Donald E. Hastings Revocable Trust, Elizabeth Hastings, of Milton. and Susan Hastings Peats, of Camden, Maine, Trustees, and Qtip Trust A. and Residual Trust B., to Thomas Derderian and Cynthia Hastings, of Winthrop. 395 Jones Cemetery Road. $90,000


Paul W. Allis of South Deerfield, to Fleetwave Partners, LLP, of Williston, Vt. Guy Manners Road. $10,000


James Perot and Melissa H. Perot, to James Perot Living Trust, James Perot, Trustee, and Melissa H. Perot Living Trust, Melissa H. Perot, Trustee. 1D Berry Lane. Unit 1D Buttonball Meadow Condominium. No consideration

Linda Brown Wilcox Revocable Trust, Linda Brown Wilcox, Trustee, of Oneonta, N.Y., to Eric M. Toia and Alicia H. Toia, of Hadley. 56 South Plain Road. $300,900

Gordon Kramer, to Nigel Brissett and Letha Gayle-Brissett, of Amherst. 61 Plumtree Road. $260,000

Sean G. McCallen and Jennifer B. McCallen, to Steven R. Unkles. 124 North Silver Lane. $300,550


Robert A. Rivers Estate, Lucy R. Whitmarsh, Personal Representative, to Mandy M. Yurko. 1055 Orange Road. $155,000