Real Estate/Changing Hands, Oct. 20, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Robert J. Barba and Mary R. Bradshaw, to Nikolas D. Asikis and Melissa E. Karoutas, of Leeds. 1255 Williamsburg Road. $256,000


Bridge Investment Realty, LLC, of Boston, to Nancy H. Ames, of Northfield. 53 Burrows Turnpike Road. Less than $100.


Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, of Boston, to Carol E. Schotte. 166 Orchard St. $174,000


Karkut 2013 Revocable Trust, Patricia Marie Karkut, “aka” Patricia M. Karkut, individually and Trustee, to Karkut 2013 Irrevocable Trust, David M. Karkut, Trustee, and Rebecca L. Karkut. 58 South Mill River Road. Less than $100.

Anne M. Benz, of Cartersville, Ga., to Ann Elaine Shelton. 9 Kelleher Drive. $395,000

Beverly A. Welcome, to Welcome Investment Trust, Beverly A. Welcome Trustee. 360 Upper Road, “fka” 96 Upper Road. $1


Charles L. Cook, of Mooresville, N.C., Theresa M. Foster, of Billings, Mont., Mary A. Rutkoski, of Magnolia, Del., and Carolyn J. Sidor, of Mattituck, N.Y., to First Tucson, LLC, of Boston. North Street. $45,000

Holly H. Burnett, “fka” Holly H. Dupell, to Devon W. Gaudet and Kathryn F. Gaudet. 13 North St. $220,000

Gary J. Betters and Paula D. Betters, to Betters Investment Trust, Gary J. Betters and Paula D. Betters, Trustees. 68 French King Highway. $1


Hugh Barton Bales and Sally C. Shaw, to Thomas Storrow and Dorothy Storrow. 100 River Road. $185,500


Michael J. Beausoleil, of Colrain, to George Halkett. 39 Haywood St. $110,000

Eloise A. Alex Estate, Karen L. Fitzpatrick, Personal Representative, of Bernardston, to Morghan J. Orrell, of Shelburne. 148 Petty Plain Road. $158,000

Ricky T. Ward, to David S. Mota. 544 Leyden Road. $330,000

Charles D. Hamberg, Malarie R. Hamberg, “nka” Malarie R. Fairbanks, and Pamela M. Hamberg, to Jeffrey Fairbanks and Malarie R. Fairbanks. 88 Maple St. $163,000

Mark H. Gregory and Marguerite L. Campbell, to Jennifer R. List, of Amherst. 115 Oakland St. $217,000

George Gioules, Betty Gioules and Britney Kostanski Gioules, to Kristen P. Valle and Lynn M. Valle. 8 Ester Ave. $284,500

Gary L. & Ann M. Thomas Trust, of Naples, Fla., Gary L. Thomas and Ann M. Thomas, individually and Trustee, to Ann M. Thomas. 13 Cedar Glen Circle. Unit A13, Greenfield Town Homes Condominium. $100

Kathleen McIntyre-Bernier, to Kathleen McIntyre-Bernier Revocable Trust, Kathleen McIntyre-Bernier, Trustee. 40 East Wayland Drive. $1

Roger R. Sonier and Karen L. Sonier, of South Deerfield, to Matthew J. Ashby. 39 Beech St. $74,900

A. James Payant and Diane M. Payant to Jason D. Payant. 131 Laurel Street Extension. $1

Carroll E. Bednarski Trust, John M. Bednarski, Trustee and Gail M. Lawrence, to John M. Bednarski and Melissa J. Bednarski. 14 Congress St. $140,000

Shamus P. Hogan, Bank of America NA, of Anaheim, Calif., by attorney, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, Attorney, to Alison Smith. 69 Riddell St. $72,161

Coca-Cola Refreshments, USA Inc. to Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Northern New England Inc. of Bedford, N.H. 180 Silvio O. Conte Drive. $3,583,200


Secretary of USA, Housing and Urban Development, of Washington, D.C., to Andrew S. Lent, of Charlemont. 167 Number Nine Road, “aka” 167 Number 9 Road. $42,260


James R. Pawell, to Kyla D. Pawell. 10 Avenue C. $1.00

NationStar Mortgage LLC, by attorney, “dba” Champion Mortgage Co., LRES, Attorney, to Walter A. James and Virginia A. James. 12 Federal St. $150,000

Janice M. Fuller to Norman G. Fuller Jr., of Savage, Minn., Amy-Jo M. Kostanski of South Deerfield and Karen Lee Weeden of Guilford, Vt. 19 Turner St. and Massasoit Street. $1

Eric J. Hassay and Lisa F. Hassay, to Lisa F. Hassay. 21 Dry Hill Road. $1

Daniel W. Gobillot, of Leeds, to Judy Travis, of Ormond Beach, Fla. 19 Central St. $167,500


Laurence D. Stearns and Tamera M. Stearns, of Kenal, Alaska, to Melissa J. Famiglietti and Susan P. Famiglietti, of Northampton. 1158-A Millers Falls Road. $189,500

Margaret Glazier, to Bruce J. Golinski and Wendy J. Snow. Minot Road. $1

Julie A. Burke, to Julie A. Burke and Derrick S. McCluskey. 91 Birnam Road. $1


Lawrence Teague and Judith Gancorz, to Judith Gancorz. 23 Stone Valley Road. $1

Hain Properties of Erving, by Partners, Scott M. Bastarache, Keriann L. Bastarache, Christopher R. Pelletier, and Heather L. Pelletier, all individually and Partners, to M. Jemms Orange, I LLC, of Chelmsford. 166-168 West Main St. $315,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Columbus, Ohio, to A. Joseph Papazian. 23 East Howe St. $97,650

James M. Hakkinen, “aka” James Hakkinen, to Mary K. Hakkinen, “aka” Mary Hakkinen. 23 East Howe St. $1

James B. Vescovi and Cinthia E. Vescovi, to Cinthia E. Vescovi. 4 Victor Ave. No Consideration

James B. Vescovi, to Cinthia E. Vescovi. Packard Road. No Consideration

Margaret Dugas, Francis J. Killay, James M. Killay, Marion Laing and Thomas A. Lawsky, all of Athol, to GRRR Gear Properties, LLC. East Main Street. $50,000


Susan J. Banquer-Ferency, of Greenfield, to Alexander Lunt, of Greenfield. Smead Hill Road. $6,000


Cheryl A. Ingersoll, to Denise M. Houle and Phyllis M. Houle. 11 North Laurel Drive Extension. $275,000

Burleigh N. Muten and Bjorn A. Muten, to Bjorn A. Muten. 45 Kettle Hill Road. $1


Wayne A. Mattson and Paula M. Mattson, to Wayne A. Mattson, Paula M. Mattson, and Douglas Thompson. 43 Locke Hill Road. $1

Roy A. LaClaire, of Leverett, to Raymond W. LaClaire and Susan H. LaClaire, of Leverett. Montague Road. $1

Joseph Landry and Amanda Landry, to James Facey. 167 Mormon Hollow Road. $125,000

Charles Bado and Jennifer C. Whitcomb, to Abigail R. Shapiro, of Amherst. Checkerberry Lane, “fka” Locke Hill Road. $60,000

Carla Majuntke, of Phoenix, Ariz., to Robin Yates, of Winchendon, Sears Road. $1


Robert Boone and Susan L. Boone, to Robert A. Poissant and Pamela J. Poissant, of Ashfield. 266 Haydenville Road. $307,000