Real Estate/Changing Hands, April 27, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Diane D. Sibley, to Diane D. Sibley and James Michael Murphy Jr. 1304 Conway Road. $1

Diane D. Sibley, to Diane D. Sibley and James Michael Murphy Jr.. Route 116 and Conway Road. $1

Kendall Kwok Kin Chow Sr. and Beverly Pearce Chow, of Gainsville, Ga., to Matthew Robert Bousquet and Liza Cassidy Jeswald, of South Deerfield. 297 Cummington Road. $309,075


Jerald P. Clough and Sheila C. Clough, to Emily Hutchinson, of Erving. 6 School Road. $1


Richard W. Kowalski, of Holyoke, to Richard W. Kowalski and Michelle LaCourse, of Holyoke. 119 Main St. $1


Rhonda J. Scranton, of Greenfield, to Michael J. Scranton. 109 Line Road. No Consideration


Darrel A. Chase and Cynthia A. Racicot, to Cynthia A. Racicot. 14 River St. $1

Thomas W. Hill, “nka” Olivia A Wyatt and Margaret B. Kennedy, to Kennedy-Wyatt Revocable Trust, Margaret B. Kennedy and Olivia A. Wyatt, Trustees. 170 Hoosac Road. $1


Rita A. King, to King Investment Trust, Rita A. King, Trustee. 221 Greenfield Road, 40 North Main St., and Routes 5 & 10. $1

Richard Baranoski Estate, Deborah L. Baranoski, Personal Representative, to Deborah L. Baranoski. 114 Lee Road, and 22 Stillwater Road. No Consideration


Carlin A. Barton, to Carlin Adele Barton Revocable Trust. 59 Ferrante Ave. $1

Mark H. Guillemette and Caroline M. Guillemette, of Turners Falls, to Kenneth W. Russell and Linda D. Russell. 286 Conway St. $75,000

Hurwitz Family Trust, Paul Eliot Hurwitz, Trustee, to Paul Eliot Hurwitz, and Rosanne Apfeldorf Hurwitz, of Rockville, Md. 80 Munson St. $1

Joyce K. Fitzroy Estate, “aka” Joyce K. Toth Estate, of Sunderland, James J. Toth, Personal Representative, to Ahren B. Fitzroy of Greenfield. 52 Allen St. $150,000

Adam G. Disciullo by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Columbus, Ohio, to PDV Inc.. 4 Willow St. $53,000

Mindy T. Thach “fka” Nguyen Thach, to Caitlin C. Miller. 9 Pine St. $223,000


Scott Veighey, of Agawam, to Christine Tremblay, of Springfield. 24 Shawnee Drive. $1


Beverly J. Sadler and Sheryl Sadler-Twyon, to Sheryl Sadler-Twyon. 23 Union St. $1

Richard K. Stone Jr., and Debra S. Stone, to Gary N. Stone Sr., and Marcia D. Norwood, of Whately. 478 Federal St. $1

Pamela Madera, of Hyannis, to John J. Linscott Sr. 6 Edward Ave. $180,000


Jared A. Sedgley, of Bernardston, and Brenda M. Patullo, of Greenfield, to Christiana Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee. 217 K Adams Road. $187,751

Elizabeth W. Karlson, of Dover, and Cynthia W. Kerr, of Scarborough, Maine, to Brian J. Llewelyn and Breeana L. Llewelyn. 907 Millers Falls Road. $240,000

Community Bible Church, to Mass Rural Water Association, Inc.. 781 Millers Falls Road. $131,600

US Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., of Salt Lake City, Utah, Attorney, to ALWS, LLC, of Newburyport. 20 Main St. $105,000


Janice C. Peirce, of Worcester County, and Debra Soucie, Personal Representative, to Peggy L. Peirce. 475 East River St. $77,000

KDMK LLC, to Hugh Gamache and Kelsie M. Bardsley. 310 Walnut Hill Road. $179,000

Mark E. Burdzy Jr., and Elizabeth S. Bouchard, to Justin LaRoche. 21 Meadow Lane. $200,000


Gertrude C. Goodchild, to Eric L. Goodchild and Barbara L. Goodchild. 83 Patten Road. $1


Paul Beaulieu and Mary Beaulieu, of Belchertown, to Dean W. Carey and Jessica Carey, of South Hadley. 51 Shore Drive. $285,000


Priscilla G. Fowler, of Gill and Kristin A. Wallock, of Winchester, N.H., to Lynne Manring. Richmond Road. $40,000

Scott Wayne Seago, of Roswell, Ga., to Wayne E. Kirley and Tracey L. Kirley. 405 Richmond Road. $40,000

Helen C. Hoffman, of Needham Heights, and Joseph R. Machado and Nancy A. Machado, to Joseph R. Machado and Nancy A. Machado. 512 Old Winchester Road. $1


Theresa L. Heary, of Berne, N.Y. to Robert A. Sokoloski, of Gill. 84 Lockes Village Road. $85,000