Real Estate/Changing Hands, Jan. 12, 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ronald V. Howes, of South Carolina, to Robert L. Pratt and Janice C. Pratt, of Ware. Apple Valley Road. Less than $100

Tina J. Crotty-Vandoloski, of Cummington and Kim Beaudry, to Robert L. Pratt and Janice C. Pratt, of Ware. Brown Road. Less than 100

Robert L. Pratt and Janice C. Pratt, to Gary Epstein and Ina Lipkowitz, of Andover, Ma. Apple Valley Road and Brown Road. $514,995

Arnold D. Jones and Faith B. Jones, to Arnold D. Jones. 236 Lilliput Road. $1


Clifford C. Spatcher and Natalie A. Spatcher, “fka” Natalie A. Gardner, of Montague, to Bradley J. Letourneau and Kathrine A. Woodman. 808 Brattleboro Road. $225,000


Hall Tavern Farm. Inc., to Jared Bellows, of Shelburne Falls. Route 2. $1


William Sheehan and Katherine Robertson, to Scott Hoffman and Kathryn Kearns, of Shelburne Falls. 201 Maple St. $115,000

Mark and Susan Lutz Living Trust, of Anchorage, Alaska, Mark E. Lutz and Susan B. Lutz, Trustees, to Matthew A. Gaspar, of Easthampton. 55 Ashfield Road. $95,000


Alexander F. Ciesluk Jr., of Wappingers Falls, N.Y., to Barbara E. Ciesluk. 348 Pine Nook Road. $1

Gary L. Gray, to Jennifer Wallner, of Greenfield. 185 Lower Road. $1

Jennifer Wallner, to Gray Family Irrevocable Trust, Jennifer Wallner, Trustee. 185 Lower Road. $1


Wells Fargo Bank, NA, of Frederick, Md., to Paul G. Gaspar and Nicole A. Coombs, of Greenfield. 143 Barney Hale Road. $156,000.


PDV Inc. to Dorothea L. Melnicoff, of Philadelphia, Pa. 33 Norwood St. $194,000

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, of Coral Gables, Fla., to Gary E. King and Anne King, of Canton. 51-53 Place Terrace. $58,000

Doris C. Cowdrey, to Greenfield Public Library Foundation, LTD. Pickett Lane. $1

Robert G. Wallitis Jr., “aka” Robert G. Wallitis and Kathleen Wallitis, to Christopher H. Martenson, of Montague. 30 River St. $215,000

Kenneth J. Cook and Susan Cook, by (Fannie Mae), Federal National Mortgage Association, of Beaverton, Ore., by attorney, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to Yuriy Kovrizhnykh. 49 Phyllis Lane. $291,000

Laurel J. Brocklesby, of Sunderland, Philip H. Brocklesby, of Florence, and Becky J. Gauthier, of Belchertown, to Judith M. Malony, of Amherst. 117 Beacon St. $225,000

Federal National Mortgage Assn by attorney, of Washington, D.C., Fannie Mae, by attorney, Orlans PC, Attorney to James A. Hazel. 86 Meridian St. $175,000

Mary Legere Estate, Pauline M. Hillman and Sally M. Malloy, Personal Representatives, to Pauline M. Hillman. 422 Deerfield St. No Consideration

Pauline M. Hillman to Daniel C. Malloy and Sally M. Malloy. 422 Deerfield St. $1

Mary Legere Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Pauline M. Hillman and Sally M. Malloy, Trustees, to Raymond Legere. 426-428 Deerfield St. $1

Mary Legere Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Pauline M. Hillman and Sally M. Malloy, Trustees, to Pauline M. Hillman, Raymond Legere and Sally M. Malloy. Deerfield Street. $1

Pauline M. Hillman and Raymond Legere, to Sally M. Malloy and Daniel C. Malloy. Deerfield Street. $1

PDV, Inc., to Jody P. James. 1 Harrison Ave. $212,500

Shree Vinayak Inc. of Plainville, to Parmar Properties North LLC of Hadley. 125 Mohawk Trail. $1,597,650.

Edward J. Dobias Estate, Ethel B. Dobias, Personal Representative, to Ethel B. Dobias. 97 Barton Road. No Consideration

Ethel B. Dobias, to Gary Hanson and Beth Hanson, of Bernardston. 97 Barton Road. $1

Randall J. Dykes, of Maine, to Rodolfo Florencio, of Lynn, 16 Grinnell St. and Grinnell Street. $40,000


Don R. Conlan of Pasadena, Calif., to Heath Town Conservation and Heath Town Selectboard. Colrain Stage Road and Bray Road. $1

Gary L. Gray of Deerfield, to Jennifer Wallner, of Greenfield. Rowe Road. (land also in Rowe). $1


Edwin H. Damon Jr. Estate, Mitchell R. Damon and Terrie D. Edson, Personal Representatives, to S. Lisa Hayes, of South Nyack, N.Y. West Leyden Road. $150,000


Steven W. Rossetti, of Saugus, to 108 Properties, LLC, of Pelham. 14-16 Third St. $323,000

Trevor J. Allenby and Lisa A. Allenby, to Cameron T. Gray and Rachel R. Gray, of Greenfield. 6 Gunn Road. $318,000

David W. Bartlett and Sue E. Bartlett, to Jesse Hall and Felice Hall. 79 Seventh St. $205,000

Richard E. Farrick of Newport, R.I. to East Main Street Realty LLC of Millers Falls. 41 East Main St., and 38 East Main St. “aka” 4 Main St. $1


Shelleen D. Otto “fka” Shelleen D. Fay, to Shelleen D. Otto and Johnny A. Otto. 90 West Northfield Road. $1

Beatrice Aldrich “aka” Beatrice E. Aldrich, to Charlene A. Aldrich. Mt. Hermon Station Road. $1

Gary L. Randall Estate, Karen B. Randall, Personal Representative, to Walter A. Smith and Martha L.C. Smith, of Allston. 54 Pine St. $115,000

Donald B. Randall, of Northfield, Vt., to Walter A. Smith and Martha L.C. Smith of Allston. 54 Pine St. $115,000


Wells Fargo Bank NA, Trustee, by attorney, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Attorney, of Columbus, Ohio, to Brent R. Salvetti, of Barre. 55 Benham St. $20,575

Nicholas J. Luksha Jr. and Angela M. Luksha, of Surgoinsville, Tenn., to Elaine S. Ivanowski. 45 Charles St. $55,750

Ripples Properties, LLC, of Athol, to Wayne D. Whitmore. 145 East Main St. $60,000

M. Jemms, LLC, of Chelmsford, to M. Jemms Orange, I, LLC, of Chelmsford. 90 West River Road. $1


John R. Riggan and Margalee O. Riggan, of Shelburne Falls, and Deborah M. Katz, of Greenfield, to New England Forestry Foundation, Inc., of Littleton. Stone Hill Road. $35,000

Gary L. Gray of Deerfield, to Jennifer Wallner, of Greenfield. Dell Road. (land also in Heath). $1


Josiah J. Linsly Simpson Jr., to Richard C. Bishop, of Shelburne Falls. 30 Frank Williams Road. $1

Richard C. Bishop, to Josiah J. Linsly Simpson Jr. 30 Frank Williams Road. $1


Lisa Styles, of Ashfield, and Stacey Styles, of Holyoke, to Linda Styles. 145 Shepardson Road. $1


Ronald J. Bohonowicz, of Deerfield and Cheryl A. Bohonowicz, to Joanne Pliska, of Hadley. 219 River Road. $1

ALDT Realty, LLC., to P&M Holding, LLC, of Amherst. 100 State Road. $700,000