Real Estate/Changing Hands: Jan. 5, 2018

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Gerald M. Fetzer and Elizabeth C. Hixson, of Shelburne Falls to Gerald M. Fetzer 2017 Trust, Gerald M. Fetzer, Trustee, of Shelburne. 7 Howes Road & Howes Road, lot B & lot 12. Just $100

James E. Hershberger Jr., and Mary L. Hershberger Irrevocable Family Trust, Amy H. Sykes, Trustee, of Brookfield, Conn. to Raju Kumar, of Everett, Maine. Hog Hollow Road. $17,500


David J. Logan and Sara Logan, “fka” Sara English, to Bear River Investments, LLC. 2701 Shelburne Falls Road. $180,500

Herbert Dratfield, and Syril Dratfield “aka” Syril D. Dratfield, to Irrevocable Aronson Supplemental Needs Trust, of Amherst, Naomi Dratfield, Trustee. 765 North Poland Road “aka” North Poland Road. $1

Earl Thompson, by attorney, Pamela Thompson, Attorney, to Andrei Agapov, of Greenfield. 13 Ward Ave. $58,000

Stryker 2005 Revocable Family Trust, Jay W. Stryker, Jr., and Janet E. Cole-Stryker, individually and Trustees to Stryker 2017 Irrevocable Trust, Barry MacGray and Catherine A. Stryker, Trustees. 95 Hillside Road. Less than $100

Don R. Worden, to Benjamin Otto Jr. of Greenfield. 367 Upper Road. Less than $100


Michael S. Mota and Antonio F. Mota, to Silvio Lima. 35 Sauter Lane. $200,000

Jeffrey I. Scroggin and Anita B. Scroggin, to Nancy Y. Conant, of Montague. 69 Oakland St. $259,500

401 Liberty Street, LLC, of Springfield to City of Greenfield. 298 Federal St. Unit A2, 298 Federal Street Commercial Condominium. $1

Jean Kempf Estate “aka” Jean P. Kempf Estate, “aka” Jean Pauline Kempf Estate, Mathew M. Kempf, Personal Representative, to Jodie L. Suhl and Margaret Suhl. 22 Little Ave. $173,000

George R. Marchacos and Nancy J. Marchacos, to Claire Huttlinger and Doreen Weinberger of Florence. 12-14 Armory St. $185,000


Cheryle A. Cloutier, to Megan Gilbert. 9 Carlisle Ave. $1

PDV, Inc. to Steven S. Gochinski and Nicole Gochinski. 43 Hillside Road. $194,000

David Dempsey and Jean Dempsey, “aka” Jean R. Dempsey, to Jean R. Dempsey Investment Trust, Jean R. Dempsey, Trustee. 143 West Chestnut Hill Road. $1


Dana A. Dodd and Laura A. Dodd, to Laura A. Dodd. 31 Memorial Drive. $1

Daniel Stoodley, to John A. Gallagher. 3 Memory Lane. $164,500

Maureen D. Wright by Wells Fargo Bank NA, Trustee by Attorney, of Fla., Orlans PC, Attorney to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Trustee, of West Palm Beach, Fla. 53 Burrill Ave. $120,000

BD Waterford Real Estate Holdings, LLC, of Quincy, to WM Realty Holdings NH, LLC, of Nashua, N.H. 167 East Main St., 136 Brookside Road, and land elsewhere. $493,000


Idelia L. Smith, to Alexander N. Smith and Arvard M. Lingham.

91 January Hills Road “aka” 11 January Hills Road. $1


Robert Reil, of Northborough, by attorney, James Reil, of Spencer, attorney, to James Reil. Royalston Road. Less than $100


David M. Beck Jr., and Elizabeth Beck, of Union, S.C., to Aaron M. Snow and Lisa Snow of Shutesbury. 9 Davis Turn Road. $183,000


Wilcox Builders, Inc, of Hatfield to Ryan P. Bailey and Erin S. Bailey of Easthampton. 63 Long Plain Road, and Long Plain Road, Lot 1. $500,000