Real Estate/Changing Hands, March 9, 2018

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Craig D. Ryan, of Gill, and Angela R. Marguet, to Jake O. MacLeay and Molly Merrigan, of Greenfield. 764 Brattleboro Road. $264,000


Jean-Claude Van Itallie, of Rowe, to Peter B. de Menocal, of New York, N.Y. Davenport Road. (Land also in Rowe). $33,500

Scott R. Purinton and Ellen S. Purinton, of Hawley, to John R. Lynch and Norman J. Lynch, of Winter Haven, Fla. Warfield Road. $59,000


Michael Shuipis and Elizabeth Shuipis, to Shuipis Family Trust, Michael D. Shuipis and Elizabeth C. Shuipis, Trustees. Stetson Brothers Road. $1


Timofey P. Banar and Marina A. Banar, to Andrey N. Agapov and Galina V. Agapov. 7-9 Spring Terrace. $157,000

Blake A. Grinnell, to Burgundy A. Cournoyer, of Holyoke. 83 Newton Street. $147,850


David M. Pozar, to David M. Pozar and Janet S. Pozar. 55 Teawaddle Hill Road. $1

Susan Mareneck, “aka” Susan Marenek, “aka” Susan L. Mareneck, “aka” Susan L. Anderson, to Samuel H. Lovejoy, of Montague. Dickinson Road and North Leverett Road. $1

Samuel H. Lovjoy, to Susan Mareneck. Dickinson Road and North Leverett Road. $1

Diane E. Bella, “nka” Diana Catherine Bella, to Ashley Winn, of Shelburne Falls. 7 Old Long Plain Road. $219,900

Joan H. Wilce, of Yonkers, N.Y., to Christal L. Cutler, of Montague, 5 Shutesbury Road. $48,000

Christopher J. Kusek and Molly B. Kusek, to Gordon Kramer, of Sunderland, and Diana Bella. 91 Long Hill Road. $359,900


Robert W. Lapinski and Gladys M. Lapinski, to Gladys M. Lapinski. 75 Old Stage Road. No Consideration

Scott P. Schenk, to Ronald A. Schenk, of Dallas, Texas, and Scott P. Schenk. 49 Old Stage Road. $1

William R. Travis and Faith R. Travis, to Alfred Siano and Mary Siano, of Greenfield. 34 Park St. $170,000

Episcopal Missions of Western Massachusetts, of Springfield, to Pamela B. Kennedy. 2 Prospect St. $150,000


Byron C. Masi and Elizabeth R. Young, of Macungie, Pa., to Mary E. Ashburne and Elizabeth R. Goddard. 264Wendell Road. $326,000


Lois R. Duso, by attorney and Randolph G. Duso, by Randolph G. Duso, Attorney, to Randolph G. Duso. 177 West Road. $1

S. Hope Lippack Estate “aka” Shirley Hope Lippack Estate, Janet L. Chapin, Personal Representative, of Newton Square, Pa., to Denise A. Paquin, of Greenfield. 61 East St. $237,500

Cynthia A. Bush-Morin, to Donald R. Morin. 33 Strowridge Road. $506.00


Jacqueline P. Boufford, to Nelson E. Clukey and Casandra Clukey. 72 Burrill Ave. $1

Robert Shufelt “aka” Robert L. Shufelt and Ruth Shufelt, “aka” Ruth L. Shufelt, to Eric R. Shufelt. 62 Battle St. $1

Sally A. Morin, to James E. Hause Jr. 520 South St. $114,000

Carl A. Oles Estate, David F. Oles, Personal Representative, of Princeton, to Brent R. Salvetti, of Barre. 1 Cottage St. $17,500

Darien Brousseau, of Athol, Andre Brousseau, of Wells, Maine and Susan Strong, to Ryan Hebert. 701 East Main St. $45,000

Brock P. Allen, of Erie, Pa., and Michael G. Mosher, of Phillipston, to North Quabbin Brook Realty Trust, of Northfield, Rifet Hasanbasic, and Peter A. Gerry, Trustees. Moore Avenue. $83,000


Jean-Claude Van Itallie, to Peter B. de Menocal, of New York, N.Y. Davenport Road. (Land also in Charlemont). $33,500


Richard H. Binder, of Hebron, N.H., Steven A. Binder, of West Barnstable, and Roxanne B. Hamilton, of Brattleboro, Vt., to Dorothy B. Merriam Investment Trust, Dorothy B. Merriam, Trustee, and Marguerite M. Sheehan Investment Trust, Marguerite M. Sheehan, of Amherst, Trustee. 124-126 Bridge St. $212,000


JAWK, Inc., of Deerfield, to CIL Realty of Massachusetts Inc., of Hartford, Conn. Long Plain Road, Lot 41. $110,000