Real Estate/Changing Hands, Feb. 23, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Geraldine Lemon, of Scottsdale, Ariz., to Leonard H. Roberts. John Ford Road. $13,751


Wilmer O. Johnson and Bonnie L. Johnson, to Gavin R. Cairl and Bethany A. Cairl. 126 Northfield Road. $153,000


Robert G. Sidorsky and Linda R. P. Sidorsky, to Robert G. Sidorsky and Linda R. P. Sidorsky. Rand Road and Crittenden Hill Road. $1


Charles N. Desourdy, of West Boylston, to Christopher A. Munroe, of Somerset. Legate Hill Road. (land also in Rowe). $50,000


Scott A. Decker and Karen A. Dunphy, to Jon Erik Storm, of South Deerfield. 603 Hoosac Road. $480,000

John G. Savage Realty Corporation, to Henry Komosa. North Hillside Road. $46,000


Janine A. Graves Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Sheila M. Graves and Tammy L. Graves, Trustees, to Sheila M. Graves, of Ashfield, and Tammy L. Graves, of Savoy. 21 Meadow Lane. $1

Sheila M. Graves and Tammy L. Graves, to Donald Plamondon. 21 Meadow Lane. $1

Vladimir Agapov, to Thomas W. Klansek and Melissa Strelke, of Gill. 103 Wildwood Ave. $265,000

AHP Capital Management, LLC, Administrator, US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee, to Jasper F. Lapienski and Michael C. Rosa. 34 Washington St. $22,732

Francis H. Gochinski and Theresa J. Gochinski, to Francis H. Gochinski, Theresa J. Gochinski and Joseph A. Gochinski. 17 Wildwood Ave. Less than $100

Kathleen G. Ainsworth, of Campbellsville, Ky, to Archelon Properties LLC, of Cambridge. 83 James St. $124,400

Edward O. Belanger, to Allison R. Belanger, of South Hadley and Jeffrey M. Belanger. 13 Cherry St. $1

Margaret A. Stevens, to Stevens Investment Trust, Margaret A. Stevens, Trustee. 140 Shelburne Road. $1


Equity Trust Inc., of Amherst, to One Seventy-Seven LLC. 177-179 Avenue A. $168,333

Michael J. Baines of Shelburne Falls and Lisa B. Davol, to Lisa B.Davol. 23 Hillside Ave. $1

Suzanne Bongiovanni, US Bank, NA, by attorney, of Owensboro, Ky., Orlans PC, Attorney, to Ruby Realty, LLC, of Holyoke. 389 Montague City Road. $110,000


Alexander F. Kulas Estate, of Winchester, N.H., John P. Kulas, Administrator, of Hadley, to Manning Hill Farm LLC., of Winchester, N.H. Mine Road. $1


Arlan Dillon, LLC, to Erin Marie Soucie. 56 Shays Way. $1

James E. Stone and Beverly M. Stone, to Kevin L. Stone, of Laurel, Md. 113 New Athol Road, Unit 44, Pioneer Place Condominium. $1

Norman E. Bartlett and Rhonda Bartlett, to Jay T. Esparza and Jaclyn B. Esparza. Bartlett Lane. $1

Michael P. Mathurin, Jillian M. Mathurin by Federal National Mortgage Association, of Dallas, Texas, by attorney, Seterus Inc., Attorney, to Federal National Mortgage Association of Texas. 26 Hayden St.. $48,100


Charles N. Desourdy, of West Boylston, to Christopher A. Munroe, of Somerset. Tatro Road. (land also in Charlemont). $50,000


Michele M. Beaudoin, of Louisville, Ky, and Anwar Kazi, to Mark C. Carlisle and Sharon Beth Carlisle, of Hadley. 10 Wilson Graves Road. $225,000


Blanche J. Dzenis Estate, Barbara A. Davis, Personal Representative, to Christopher I. Chambers and Colleen A. Campbell. 82 Hadley Road. $263,900


James E. Stone and Beverly M. Stone of Orange, to Kevin L. Stone of Laurel, Md. Laurel Lake. $1

John M. Shaw Estate, Judith A. Shaw, Personal Representative, to Judith A. Shaw. 25 Shaw Road, (Wendell Road). No Consideration


Donald M. Scott and Judy Ann Scott, of Conway, to Paul H. Bordua and Sarah J. Bordua. 83 North St. $375,000